Aqua Vision Center - Aqua Vision Center Dr. Mezu - Horrible

Posted on Thursday, March 24th, 2011 at 1:04pm CDT by 41f26f78

Product: Aqua Vision Center - Glasses

Company: Aqua Vision Center

Location: 1400 Reisterstown Rd.
Pikesville, MD, 21208, US


Category: Other

I paid for frames and prescription lenses on 3/3/2011. It has been 3 weeks since I ordered my frames. I paid $25 dollars for my frames to be shipped from Italy within 10 days (I paid on 3/3/2011 and today is 3/24/2011). The office manager kept giving me different stories as to why the frames have not arrived yet. So not only have the frames not arrived, I have to wait for them to ship the frames to their offsite lab once they do arrive.

I've been calling them every few days for an update and I keep getting a different story. They will not provide me with a tracking number either. I asked if they could refund me the $25 dollars I paid for shipping and the office manager and one of the doctors kept giving me the run around. On 3/21/11, I asked if the store owner could give me call by the end of the business day and they never did. I called the store and left a message for the office manager and again, she did not call me back. I felt very slighted.

On 3/22/2011, I called again asking for the store manager. One of the doctors picked up and was very rude to me. She kept talking over me and when I politely asked her not to talk over me, she said, "I am a doctor and it is 10:45am, why are you speaking to me this way?" I said there must be a misunderstanding, I was not finished talking. At that point, she told me she needed to tend to another customer in the store and they would call me back when the frames arrive. She told me to "practice my patience until then."

Here is where it gets juicy!

I posted an online review of the Aqua Vision Center here on 3/22/11, a place where customers can rate their experience with that company. I received a voicemail around 2:40pm on 3/23/2011 from one of the doctors at the practice for me to call them immediatly as there was something very urgent to discuss. I called them back around 3:20pm on 3/23/2011. The office manager answered the phone and then told me to hold and put the doctor on the phone. The doctor said thanks for calling back I have two items to discuss. The first item is that the frames arrived from Italy and then will ship them to the lab and when they are done they will let me know.

The second item is that I posted a "slanderous" review online on Yahoo and that they have been receiving death threats all day over the phone and that the office manager is scared for her life, that her parents are in the store, and that they have the police there. Also, she mentioned that they will have to take me to court. She scared me so much that I started convulsing and getting heart palpitations. I told her that was never my intention and I would take it down right away as I would never want anyone to be in danger. I believe she tricked me into taking the bad review off line. I consulted with an attorney yesterday evening and they said it sounds like they tried to scare me into taking the review down. I am still very uneasy and feel so awful and sick that they did that to me. They played on my kind nature and emotions. I feel like a fool. I have never been treated like this by a business. I did nothing wrong but state the truth in my review and now I am dealing with a lot of anxiety because of their trickery. I put this review back up.


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