Excel Models (Little Rock) - AVOID EXCWL MODELS IN Little Rock, Arkansas

Posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 at 11:03am CDT by 1137d5c6

Product: Model and Acting Training

Company: Excel Models (Little Rock)

Location: 8201 Cantrell Rd, Suite 300 Little Rock, Arkansas 72227
Little Rock, Ar, 72227, US

URL: http://www.excel-mt.com/modelingtraininginarkansas.htm

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In January, "Zack" conned me into signing a contract for modeling and acting classes for my son. I made it abundantly clear to him that the ONLY class that I was willing to pay for would be the "Bootcamp" classes which are several days in a row for 1 week, and that no other long-term class was acceptable. Based upon this premise, he offered me a "scholarship" of $200 off each class and personally guaranteed me that it would be available on that date. Because of the classes being two months away, the classes had to be paid for prior to THOSE two classes beginning. I agreed to pay 3 payments of $530.00 contingent on those classes beginning on time.

They cancelled the classes and refused to return my money. AVOID THESE CONS!

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c39fcc0e, 2011-03-23, 11:46AM CDT

March 12, 2011

Dear Mrs. Partne,

As a courtesy to our new students and in celebration of being in business for nearly a quarter of a century Excel Models and Talent offers a $200.00 Directors Scholarship to students who satisfactorily complete the application and interview process. On January 21, 2011 you and your son Stanton completed the interview process with Zach after you contacted EXCEL in reference to working with our company. You were at that time awarded not one-- but two--- scholarships totaling the amount of $400.00 to be applied towards the tuition of EXCELs Model Image 1 and Commercial Acting Classes. The enrollment form and refund policy clearly states that "during special promotional discount offers absolutely no refunds will be made regardless of attendance. If you cannot attend you may take a future session within one year of the date original payment agreement was signed".

At this time, I am unable to issue a refund for the classes in which you are originally enrolled, however if Stanton is unable to attend the April 10 Week Course then EXCEL Models and Talent welcomes you to participate in any one of the next Camp Sessions. If you can bring us a letter from teachers saying that he cannot attend a one day a week, two hour session for the ten weeks or a four day session that is four hours long and eight hours on Saturday (camp Session) then I am also able to provide him with private lessons. The private lessons must be schedule within the guidelines of the refund policy (within one year of the original payment agreement date) if you are unable to attend any of the other twelve sessions available. We do however encourage him to participate in a classroom setting to build relationships with students that he will be working with in the future. As you see we go above and beyond in providing opportunities for all our scholarship students to receive the quality curriculum that has been a blessing to two generations of graduates.

We do host one class that is designed for both the student and the parent that is left in our current session called Breaking into the Biz which we invite you to attend so that you can go ahead and get started. It will be held Saturday, March 19 from 1:00-2:30 and is for the student and parents. Please call us at 501-227-4232 or email me at [email protected] to reserve your places and let us know how many from your family will be attending. In this class you will begin to learn all about the business including agents, managers, contracts, vouchers, registry opportunities and most importantly professional etiquette. These topics are not taught by other schools and are one of the reasons we have won the International Educational Excellence Award in New York four times in a row as well as Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Model and Talent Association. These concepts help parents to make wise decisions and protect their children in this industry. They also include step by step details on self marketing. It is a required class for all students and parents before we will consider representing them. It is not a guarantee of a contract but it will benefit you immensely and immediately whether you sign with us or another management firm or an agency. You will also receive an email with comprehensive notes on all of the topics discussed the following week.

In reference to our recent telephone conversation, let me assure you that we would not have remained in business for almost twenty-five years if we were either unkind or unfair to our clientele. We stress integrity and professionalism in everything that we do. However as a teaching institution we understand that you are still in the learning process of this industry therefore we do not hold the fact that you used inappropriate language and hung up on us twice against you when we were trying to provide a solution for you. We do however ask that you remain professional and calm and we will pledge to do likewise. I hope that you can understand that we are unable to risk our reputation on people that are not trained in professional etiquette.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may be causing you but sincerely appreciate your cooperation on this matter. We look forward to working with both you and Stanton in the very near future. As the owner I find it is an honor to pour life changing information into young people and is a responsibility I do not take lightly. This is best illustrated by the fact that we have been in business a quarter of a century and are now teaching second generations. I doubt seriously that if people were disappointed with the curriculum or their experience with EXCEL that they would pay us to teach their children. We will work hard to make certain you feel the same way.



P.S. We realize that you do not know us at this point and spoke out of frustration. Just to give you a little bit of confidence about the type of experience that students repeatedly have with us, I am attaching letters of recommendation from several mothers describing their experience that they had with their children at EXCEL. I hope that these in some way can give you a better peace of mind while you are waiting to attend your class. It is our sincere goal to try to ensure that each one of our students has a very positive experience, as well as the parents.

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