Worldwide Steel Buildings - Worldwide Steel Buildings is a joke

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 at 4:08pm CDT by 3354cfea

Company: Worldwide Steel Buildings

Location: Peculiar, MO, 64055, US


Category: Other

They overcharge customers for steel buildings. The web truss design has been modified to cut back on manufaturing cost, but no savings to the customer. They do not treat customers the right way and have no referral business which is why they have to buy leads from a source. If you are thinking about buying a building go to the facility - its a joke. Please do not consider this bait and switch operation. The sales manager Warren Bott is the biggest joke of a person you will ever meet - he has no personality and quite honestly he should be selling used cars from a corner lot. PLEASE stay away from Worldwide Steel Buidings.


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464d89e6, 2011-06-17, 02:36PM CDT

Complaint is published by x employee

As we have always tried to hire quality people that work as a team and understand the guide lines required to make sure the product we supply is the strongest and best in the market. We hold our consultants to very high standards making our service second to none. We did have an employee who was here for a short time and wanted to try and take short cuts. This was unacceptable and created several issues. This employee is no longer with the company. It is unfortunate that the internet and allows people to be vengeful and have a public forum without any facts and at the same time not have to expose their name. I am Warren Bott National Sales & Marketing Manager of Worldwide Steel Buildings I can be reached at 800 825 0316 or email me at wbott@worldwidesteelbuildings. As a company we stand behind our employees but always want to make sure that we do things the right way. I have contacted on this matter and only get a recording, I left a message and hope to be contacted. Worldwide Steel Buildings building consultants are second to none and are held to a very high ethical standard. If at any time a customer feels we have not done what we should have I urge them to please contact me.

Please accept this as a invitation to come to our office and plant we would be happy to give you a tour and if you would like refferals we will be happy to supply them.

214a0586, 2011-11-15, 11:29AM CST

Once again, Warren Bott proves my point. Nice response. I am not an ex employee. I was a actually a customer that purchased a building from them. The reason I know the inside info is because I am in sales as well and I know how things are supposed to be handled when issues arise and was given this info by my sales rep. If you read Warren's repsonse you see why I filed this complaint!!!

3354cfea, 2011-11-15, 02:01PM CST

In reference to Mr. Bott's explanation -I am not an x employee that commented but actually a digruntled customer who owns the product. I purchsed a building from them in 2010 and it has been a nightmare. Not sure what he is referring to, but obviously they have disgruntled former employees as well - big suprise. STAY AWAY!

74d2942e, 2013-09-25, 10:55AM CDT

I purchased a building from them five tears ago, I met with the only installer they had supplied me with and paid him for installation of the building. To this day the building is still stacked on the ground yes you read that correct they have not erected any of it. Everytime I contacted them I was given a song and dance now looking back I think they were just trying to get me out of the legal time for the contract to expire. Now they expect me to even pay them more money for the garge door that they never delivered, they state well prices have gone up so it will cost me extra.They do not care from the owner on down they do not care.

b2f2c5b0, 2014-07-25, 09:40AM CDT

Have you taken your complaint to the Better Business Bureau and reported it? The BBB gives Heartland, the parent company of WWSB an A+. I am considering a building from WWSB now and am wondering.

74d2942e, 2014-07-25, 10:13AM CDT

No I took them at their word that it would get handled, and it did not. I still have a building sitting in a pile of materials on the ground. They will not respond to my calls other than to say it is an issue with a sub contractor, my contention is they gave me a list of sub contractors when I bought the building and there was one name on it so that's who I used. I don't believe he is actually a sub contractor because WWSB quoted me the labor price to install it. They also never gave me the garage door for this building and when I called them out on it they were kind enough to inform me that I will now owe them extra because the door price has gone up.. If that is the kind of business you want to deal with have at it. send me your number if you want to talk to me.

2b9dbc35, 2015-02-07, 09:56AM CST

In my opinion, I took a tour of this company's facility and it too is a joke. The plant is not the place where you would want to work. The place has virtually nothing in common with a good manufacturing operation and it is an insult to the word "American" since it looks like a plant in a third world country. I feel sorry for the people that have to work there.

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