Diamond Nuts - Unacceptable Quality of Diamond Nuts

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 at 10:09am CDT by b672cd66

Product: walnut pieces & sliced almonds

Company: Diamond Nuts

Location: Stockton, CA, US

URL: http://www.diamondnuts.com/

Category: Other

The last 4 times I bought Diamond nuts (3 times walnut pieces, once almonds), they were bitter and rancid. This was over a period of a few months at 3 different supermarkets. The packages were all w/i their sell by date. During that same time frame I got a few packages of generic nuts and they were good, so I know that I do not have a problem w/ my taste buds.

It is possible that the regional distributor does not store them properly and that all the supermarkets, though under different ownership, got them from the same warehouse. Diamond customer service offers coupons to recompense, but I refused them as I do not want more bad nuts. I have been given no indication that the company is interested in correcting or even acknowledging the problem. Since most supermarkets carry only this brand for anything more than snack-sized packages, I can't get edible nuts from my local supermarkets anymore.

I am writing this in hopes that the company will take notice and restore its former good quality controls. I would rather not have to make a special trip to the natural foods store or order nuts online and pay shipping.

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3c6d56f4, 2012-01-28, 03:28PM CST

Diamond Walnuts (16oz cans) have been a daily component of our breakfast (mixed with cereal and fruit) for 15 years without any complaints - until fall 2011. Since then six different cans have contained rancid nuts; in one can about half were rancid. We might try them again, but not for a while. The taste of one rancid nut is overpowering and lingers long enough to ruin your entire breakfast. We consume 3-4 cans per month. How many customers like us can Diamond afford to lose?

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