Sears - Sears can't deliver a working range

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 at 6:14pm CDT by d219ac98

Product: JennAire Electric Range

Company: Sears

Location: US


Category: Other

We purchased a Jenn-Aire range to replace a dead one on 12/26/10. It took a MONTH to get it. Within minutes of installation, we noticed a small problem - the oven light didn't work.

We called the installers who had JUST left and were told that it was OUR problem. Called Sears, was told it was likely a bulb and they would send us a new bulb, which they did. The new bulb was approximately 1.3 the size of the original bulb and a different wattage. More phone calls, and eventually a whole new bulb housing was sent. Hubby decided that replacing that was a bigger job than he was up for, so we called Sears again to get a technician out to do the work. Soonest they could help: another MONTH.

Shortly thereafter, we noticed that the oven did not cook things well, and discovered that the oven door did not close completely. Called Sears to report that, and as we had a technician coming out anyway, decided that the technician could fix that at the same time.

Mid-February, we get our technician who asked if we bought the range new. "Of course we did!" "Well, it looks like it's seen a lot of abuse. Looks like a floor model". Bottom line: door unfixable, electrical system screwed up. Called Sears to get a replacement. Time to get replacement: another MONTH.

Yesterday (March 21) the new range was to be installed. Hubby stayed home to await it, got a call that it "wasn't in" but would be installed the following day. I called Sears and found that they sent it to a store about an hour from our home, and was told that they would call the installers so they knew where to get it so that it cold be installed today (March 22). Earlier today, was informed that the range had been sent to a store about 3 hours from our home, and the installation was scheduled for March 28.

This is when I pulled the plug on Sears. I called my credit card company to reverse the charges, which they did. Sears is trying to get the installer to come un-install the piece of garbage in my kitchen. I have ordered the same appliance from another store, and they will install it in a week.

I will shop at Sears when pigs fly and hell freezes over, simultaneously.


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