Greyhound - Lost luggage/sleepy driver

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 at 4:11pm CDT by dcf8e52b

Product: Bus line

Company: Greyhound

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Dallas, TX, 75248, US


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On March 9, 2011 I departed on Grayhound from Chicago, Il to Lubbock, TX on a round trip fare. Little did I know it would be one of the worst experiences of my life.

Out of Chicago, heading down-state to Effingham, Il the bus driver was caught falling asleep at the wheel. Two people sitting in the front of the bus noticed his eyes closing as the bus began to veer onto the shoulder of the road. A young woman bought this to his attention and he became very upset, stating that he has been driving a bus for 30 years, longer than you have been alive. Obviously, I spent the rest of his driving shift on the edge of my seat fearing for our lives. I have read posts about this driver (T. L. B.'s) unsafe driving that is well known and is even the topic on the internet.

Other than all Greyhound bus stations being located in the absolute most HORRIFYING parts of every town, that was just the worst of several bad experiences on my trip west.

On my return trip to Chicago, things got worse. The following is a list of incidences:

1.One of my pieces of checked baggage was lost and still is.

2. Passengers were allowed to yell and talk loudly all through the night into the morning.

3. Passengers were smoking marijuana in the back of the bus and laughing about it.

4. A hooker was soliciting passengers.

5. The odor from the bathroom was unbearable.

6. Into Chicago bus #4720, there was a strong burning smell and the driver had to pull off the road twice.

In addition to all of the horrid experiences aboard Greyhound, I am now desperately trying to retrieve my lost luggage. Greyhound is a joke. Their apathetic, sloppy customer service is a complete debacle!


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