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Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 at 9:47am CST by 01452d4b

Product: SLB DSE601 Super Electronic Cigarette Pipe

Company: Dino Direct

Location: 8605 Santa Monica Blvd #22395
Los Angeles, CA, 90069, US

URL: http://dinodirect.com/

Category: Other

On Dec. 1, 2010 I ordered a SLB DSE601 Super Electronic Cigarette Pipe from Dino Direct and paid a total of $46.99 (with PayPal) for it. I never received the product. On Dec. 29, 2010 I was told it was on back order but that was the last communication from them. On Dec. 31, 2010 I faxed them a letter stating my problem but received no reply. They have my money, I don't have their product. All I want is the product. I initiated a complaint with PayPal but it expired while I was out of town on an emergency.

I have been very patient with Dino Direct but they are damn near impossible to contact. They list no phone number except the fax #. They don't respond to emails or faxes. I tried live chat but didn't get past the "Hello".

Their customer service totally sucks. I would never attempt to buy anything from them again.


3a11a06d, 2011-07-05, 12:59AM CDT

"Miroad EBook - what a great buy. The item arrived quickly but its value surprised me when I opened the package! Just $64 including shipping meant I now owned an ebook reader that was full colour, played video and MP3 too! It reads EPub format best after experiments and was super easy to use by PC/USB connection. Instruction book was quite tricky though - a bad translation - but the unit was so easy to use it was not an issue. Though its styling is a little old fashioned, the price tag more than made up for it! I was so pleased, I ordered another so both my kids can have one!"

bd301850, 2011-08-10, 12:11AM CDT


I agree with you. I have been waiting for a refund on a return now for over 2 months and am always getting cut off.

I am gathering a dossier of information so that I can contact Interpol to begin an investigation into fraud and theft by Dino.

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