Ryanair - Ryanair - Message Error with 5h delay confirmation

Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2011 at 11:01am CDT by 85d18f16

Product: Air Flight

Company: Ryanair

Location: Dublin, IE

URL: http://www.ryanair.com

Category: Other

I have bought 3 tickets for a Madrid (Spain) x Santiago de Compostela (Spain) flight (RESERVATION NUMBER: J9MQFP). At the moment of the acquisition, the system showed an error message, saying that my flight was not confirmed but I should open may e-mail box to check it.

I opened my e-mail and no message was delivered by Ryanair. I thought I should wait a little bit more. After 3 hours I checked again my e-mail box and no message was delivered to me.

Then I made a new bought of the same route by Spainair, receiving correctly the confirmation e-mail. The surprise was that after half an hour, I received the confirmation of Ryanair. Now I have two flights and none of them can be cancelled online. Spanair charges a 90EUR for the cancellation, and the airfare was 70 EUR, and Ryanair does not allowd cancelations.

I am really nervous because 204.09 EUR will make a huge problem in my bank account and I am certain it was not my fault. The site showed an error and after that I waited for almost 5 hours for the confirmation e-mail, and I had no response.

I am really disappointed with Ryanair. In Brazil people, like me, usually thinks that European people are full of honor and ethics, but now I know that everywhere we have good and bad people.

I still want to cancel my flight and have a full refund.

Thank you


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