MLS Multiple Listing Service, NAR - Keeping me from selling my house

Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2011 at 4:27pm CDT by 9b84d741

Company: MLS Multiple Listing Service, NAR

Location: Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL, US


Category: Other

I am trying to sell a house on the Chain of Lakes in Lake County Illinois. The house is in

Lake County, I pay taxes to Lake County, the schools are in Lake County and emergency

services come from Lake County. Matter of fact I can only get a library card in Lake county!

For reasons that are unclear the US Post Office decided long ago that it was more convenient for them to have their McHenry, Illinois post office (in McHenry County) service our area and therefore they have given us a McHenry, Illinois 60051 address. This is the only connection we

have in any way to the city or county of McHenry.

Our unincorporated area is 5 minutes from the town of Fox Lake in Lake County and 20 minutes from the town of McHenry in McHenry County. When you look at a map Fox Lake is on the Chain of Lakes; McHenry isn't even close.

Our problem is that anyone looking at a map of the area for lake front properties will not

find our listing because it would never occur to them to look at a town twenty minutes away from the lakes for a lake front home!

I want our home to come up on both the MLS and when someone types in

Fox Lake, Illinois and waterfront. I have been trying to get this done for a long time and

have gotten absolutely nowhere! Why is this so hard? I am just asking to be truthful about

where our house is.

The first place people look for homes is, as a result of this issue, people simply do not find us!!! We are being penalized by an inflexible bureaucracy!!! We

are getting desperate to sell our house!!! HELP!!!


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