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Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at 1:07pm CDT by 2b5fcd36

Product: membership

Company: Waxtech Worldwide

Location: 29260 SW Parkway Court #48
Wilsonville, OR, 97070, US

URL: http://www.yuyanwang.com/

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Smart Shopper Savings Club

Gayle Hanson

Vice President Customer Service

Letter issued date: 03/07/2011

Yi Ping Chien

Account#: 2534277

Authorization No: 1196

Pin No: 18852

Dear Sir,

One day, a girl called me to explain about the program, as we are new here, and I told her I will prefer to receive a written details and let me go through first, of course, her offer sounds quite attractive but I still wondering whether is not good or I misunderstanding something as I told her she speak very fast, I can not catch, sometimes. She said that they will send me a details in couple day. and I wait till 15/Mar then I was received 2 piece of paper (black & white) to ask member to visit website at www.TheSmartShopperSavings.com. after I visited and found there is nothing benefit or useful to our family and decided to call and want to cancel on 16/Mar. and i mentioned that I want to cancel this membership but she said ok but ask me to visit the web again and whatever I decide they will take care and handle it (seems they can accept the cancellation). And I did call on 17/Mar but they said the money back guarantee was over (only 10 days from the day the girl called me - the day I agreed to purchase) they said I verbally agreed and the call was recorded as evidence)so it is not refundable under their policy or term and condition. But I do not even seem the formal program details (document to sign before we agreed), how can I will know what is program to be. If people misunderstanding or didn't catch English as fast they spoke. How came it was said "verbally agreed" At least, I have to sign the purchased or membership agreement by my own signature and I did understand all term and condition and benefits from what I agreed and purchased. It is like confused and make it so difficult to consumer and special for those not speak English well new comer. but we are legally resident in USA. At no choice, I have to send the return form to get $50 target gift card, but I really wondering, it will come to another term and condition and the end we are still not benefit for this membership. And I did ask my kids to visit the website, see whether I got something to miss or it is really useful for our family in grocery, dining, but my daughter said, she can not see any coupon that can print to use as a saving in grocery store near by us. the only one is Costco (but we are not the Costco member, we are unable to entry without their membership card. and dining just pizza and others they are not interested. It looks like useless for my paying $94/year, it is worth, if the grocery and dining is convenience or kids like, I really don't mind to pay $94/year, it works. Under consumer right, every purchased item, once you are not satisfied and should have the right to return and get money back. It is cost me $94/year. But I would like to say, it is very upset me and uncomfortable, and forced consumer to accept because nothing we can see and just use verbally agreed. Dear Sir, can you do something and settle this case? it is not fair for consumer. I want them to refund my payment. Of course, if there is our misunderstanding or negligence from their reply, we are sorry about it.Perhaps, they did mention something over the phone but I just did not get it and I still request them to send me more details that able to go through whole pictures instead of verbally listen and reply. I will never know got verbally agreement in the country, maybe we are new. and please let me be informed if the verbally agreement is legally. Thank you very much for your attention and feedback.


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9ce99697, 2011-04-28, 06:00PM CDT

Is this a scam. Need to know before I make a mistake

8e813dab, 2011-07-22, 10:51AM CDT

I also cancelled my account based on this complaint

Gemne Sikora

ed023dd6, 2011-10-11, 07:06PM CDT

Gayle Hanson ,

Today 10/11/2011 i got a welcome letter from Insider Shopping in which its written that i have been charged $6.99 to get you trial materials in the mail to you. and there is also written that beginning 10/5/2011 you will be billed $ 37.99 ????????? I don't understand for what i've been billed ... as i got letter today when i cam back from market at 6pm. so m replying to by e mail... i don't want to continue with any of your membership or promotional things. So i want to request you that don't bill me as above i have mentioned...kindly refund my money as i didn't get anything from your side and above all by reading your $50 Retail Redemption Voucher Registration , i m not getting any benefit so i want to withdraw . Don't charge me in my credit card if done then refund it as soon as possible...thank you

45a3c829, 2011-11-04, 12:31AM CDT

I am now in the same situation. Planning on small claims court if I have too. I told the rep that took my call, Michelle, I didnt sign up for this and she insisted I review the website again. Told me too call back if I wanted too cancel after that. Cant get anyone too respond. God help us all !

45a3c829, 2011-11-04, 12:32AM CDT

I am now in the same situation. Planning on small claims court if I have too. I told the rep that took my call, Michelle, I didnt sign up for this and she insisted I review the website again. Told me too call back if I wanted too cancel after that. Cant get anyone too respond. God help us all !

ef92f2f5, 2012-06-24, 10:58PM CDT

I just recieved a call from the same company and was told I was selected from thousadns' of internet veiwers. I was searching coupon sites today for the first time. I did not pay anything since a manager was too busy to get on phone and explain what it was about. So I told them to take me off their list and never call me again. This happened today 6/24/12 around 7:50 pm. If they try to send me a bill or anything I am going straight to BBB and FBI for fraud. Some business's have no shame.

Still in shock,

Millie H. SD, Ca.

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