Target - Violation of HIPPA / Privacy

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at 8:57pm CDT by 109f9f8a

Company: Target

Location: 3702 Ranch Rd 620 S
Bee Cave, TX, 78738, US


Category: Other

I was recently at the Bee Cave Target Pharmacy in Austin, TX while on vacation. I had forgotten one of my HIV medications and was hoping to get a refill or partial refill. The pharmacy tech talked to me in a loud voice across the back counter verbalizing all of my personal information, including SS#, address in AZ, and my first and last name. In addition, she called out the name of the HIV medication (Truvada) so that the customers could hear. I was quite embarrassed. The Pharmacist next to her did nothing to stop this. When the pharmacist said that they did not have this medication (Truvada), she went on to say that, "nobody in that area uses this kind of medication." Another completely inappropriate comment directed at persons with HIV. My friend that was with me and the people in line could have easily looked up the name of the medication and my HIV status would have been easily disclosed. Doesn't the HIPPA policy protect people from this type of treatment from medical/pharmacy providers? When I returned to get the name of the pharmacy tech, she shouted it from the back counter rather rudely. The Pharmacist then stepped in to apologize, admitted fault, and said that, "they would address the issue," This was her way of avoiding the situation and brushing me off.

There were clear violations of the HIPPA laws during this visit. It is clear that employees at this location are not trained properly and certainly have no respect for customer privacy.

I am EXTREMELY distraught over the treatment I was given at the Bee Cave location. I will be forced to contact the Texas Board of Pharmacy if a satisfactory resolution cannot be made promptly in this matter. It is enough dealing with a medical condition such as HIV, without having the general population around me being privy to the same information that should be held in strict confidence.

I ended up leaving without 5 days of this medication and will be contacting my doctor to inform him of your unwillingness to help a customer with critical medicine.

I am looking forward to your immediate response with specific details of how you plan to remedy this violation of the HIPPA laws as well as correcting the poor customer service at this location.

(I was given a form letter response several weeks later - unacceptable)


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