Quality Roofing of Florida, Inc. - ROOFING NIGHTMARE

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at 6:07pm CDT by e2ea949f

Product: Roof Installation

Company: Quality Roofing of Florida, Inc.

Location: 6515 North 50th St. Tampa, FL 33610
Tampa, FL, 33610, US

URL: http://www.qrfla.com/

Category: Other

LAWSUIT is in progress.

Quality Roofing of Florida (QRF) installed my roof on a new construction that leaks since day-1.

In addition to the leaking roof, QRF presented a deceiving insurance policy from Amerisure Insurance that does not cover repairs or replacement of their roof work.

A roofing company with no insurance to cover defective workmanship!

Service Warranty is non-existent.

I obtained an unbiased 3rd party professional roof inspection report that depicts numerous defects in their workmanship--- their response to all issues is complete denial--- it has to be somebody elses fault.

Perimeter flashing is installed incorrectly, missing flashing at various locations, seams throughout are un-adhered, etc. Roof inspection report contains 1.5 pages of installation defects. Someone elses fault, I dont think so.



LAWSUIT is in progress.

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6ab7e579, 2011-03-18, 11:13AM CDT

This man is a liar and a fraud. All he is doing is trying to defraud me and my insurance company. i welcome a law suit, so I can expose him for the incompitant home builder and liar that he is.

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