Hair Club Took Avantage of Cancer Student

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at 6:56am CDT by f878d1db

Product: Hair Club for Men and Women

Company: Not Available

Location: Minneapolis, MN, US

Category: Other

My sister lost all of her hair from Chemo treatments and wanted a wig to wear. She was a student in college at that time. We went to Hair Club in Minneapolis to speak with them about their programs and prices. The consultant told us that they had a special going on and that we could enroll in their 6 months program and get 3 wigs with monthly styling and shampooing. My sister was going to be in Japan for a summer camp so we could not do the 6 months. The consultant told us that we could just sign up for the program and cancel within our first month and get one wig. My sister signed up for the program and I paid for the first month. Later that month when my sister got her first wig, we tried to cancel the contract and they made dumb excuses about how my sister needed to think about it carefully and she needed to bring one of her parents to cancel the contract (my sister was already 18 at that time). My sister brought my mom that next week but they said it was too late and I got billed for the next month already. I went in to speak with the Hair club representative that we could not continue on the program because my sister was going to be in Japan for 3 months so she could not get the services and we could not afford to pay the whole 6 months program. The representative was making up stupid excuses that Hair Club had a few offices in Tokyo that my sister could go to. After arguing with her for a while, she told us that even if we did not want to be in the program, we stil had to pay for the other 2 wigs because they had already ordered them. I had to charge the rest of the 4 months and wigs onto by credit card. We told them we did not want anything to do with Hair Club after the remaining 4 months and my sister got her other 2 wigs. Hair Club taken advantage of my sister and our family. They lied to us to get us to sign a congtract and then refused to let us cancel. They charged us for 6 months when my sister was in Japan for 2 of those 6 months. My sister got free wigs from a program that gave wigs to cancer children and young adults the next year. My sister passed away in December 2009. I know her Hair Club experince was one of her most horrible experinces during her battle with cancer. I am sad that Hair Club would take advantage of a sick student just to make money.


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