Home Depot - Water damage from fridge installation.

Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 12:39am CDT by a4ad9482

Product: Amana Refrigerator.

Company: Home Depot

Location: 393 South Hover Rd
Longmont, Co, 80501, US

URL: http://www.homedepot.com/

Category: Other

I have bought mechandises in this Home Depot worth several thousand dollars in the past.The last purchase was a refrigerator which they delivered and installed, the waterline leaked and ruined my kitchen floor and seeped through the floors and damaged the basement.I alearted HD to this mishap the next day which was a Saturday

The manager apologized and said their insurance was closed for the week end. Fine. Come Monday no call from their insurance Sedgwick. On Thursday a rep from Linn Star Home Depots delivery contractor shows up and accepts no responsibility for the damage.Their take on this is, that their employees are not allowed to hook up the waterline.(I didnt hook up the waterline so I guess a ghost must have hooked it up because apart from two delivery guys, I was the only one there) All this while I am loosing money as I lost a prospective tennant because of the buckled floors and damaged walls. I tried to reason with Homedepot on this but they have handled it very poorly. I will not do business with Home depot again. This happened on the 5th of March and I have really not got a satisfactory answer on the 15th of march.I truly beleive that Home depot does not have any kind of liability insurance,if they did why would they push me to Linn Star their delivery contractor. I did not buy from Linn Star, I bought from Home Depot and this is how they stand behind their product I am appalled by their behavior I've been a good customer for years and this is how they treat me. I have returned the fridge since then, they also charged me for a dish washer that I did not keep! I got that corrected today! The time and the energy my manager and me spent on this episode was intolerable!

Finally I called my insurancce and someone has already come to assess the moisture content in the walls and floor and tomorrow a rep is coming to give a repair estimate. But in America you vote with your dollars I suggest any and all who want to buy at Home Depot to think twice before you give them even a dollar when that dollar could be going to a company that takes care of their customers and has at least some kind of liability insurance.With all the run around I got from Home Depot(Sedwick Ge Elecric ins) I dont think they have one,I am taking my dollar and my business to Lowes or Sears the next time where they appreciate customers and not give them the run around and possibly even have some decent liabilty insuarance thats the cost of doing business in this country!


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