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Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 5:43pm CDT by 5ae115e8

Product: Home Contractors

Company: Sky Construction

Location: 5429 Alhambra Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90032, US


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I am a renter, and these 2 guys pull up in front of the house that I rent (not own). I should preface that this house is a possible foreclosure in April 2011 (I'm writing this in March 2011). I think they obtained public records & are interested in buying and flipping it (none of this has to do with me since I just RENT). (*side note: If the house sells, then yes I'd have to deal with the new owners and in CA my lease is still good even if the house sells.)

So, at first I overhear them talking about cutting out the 6 1/2' retaining wall that's at sidewalk level, and how they have to watch out for the electrical lines, making a cut "right here" in the wall. One guy says, "remember, this is illegal". They are walking around the front for 5 min or so, looking, pulling on the locked front gate, standing on their pickup so they could see inside the house windows. Somehow I got the impression that they wanted to steal the big stones from the wall based on what I overheard (my neighborhood is precarious, and people often "hang out" in front of my wall because they don't think anyone can see them... there's even some old graffiti and the landlord ignores it's existence). I work from home, so I just go out and ask them if I can help them, in a matter-of-fact way.

One guy seems really nervous, saying this house is on the market, and they wanted to look at it. I simply said (more in a smalltalk kind of way) "yeah, there's a public auction set in April but hopefully the landlord will sell it to his in-laws, like he's planning, so he can keep it". This is when the contractor gets BELLIGERENT with me, repeating: "that's illegal! you can't sell the house to yourself! your landlord owes $500K on the house! He can't pay that! He can't short-sale to himself!" And he may have thrown in a derogatory word in there somewhere. (yelling AT ME). He acted as if I had somehow I insulted him, or intruded.... yet he was the one looking in MY windows. He is lucky I didn't call the police, and just came out to chat myself.

The whole convo took only 30 seconds or so, then they said thanks for the info, jumped in their big blue pickup truck with their business name plastered on the side, and actually sped off (like they were scared?). It was really weird, since I'm a very friendly person and if they wanted to chat about the house, I would've sat there and just talked to them for 5 minutes.

Based on this one incident I felt compelled to write a complaint... it's not everyday a random business comes up to you at home, and starts YELLING at you AT YOUR HOME. Simply put, extremely unprofessional.


d45b8ef5, 2011-03-16, 09:05PM CDT

I think we have a mis understanding, let's start at the beginning the property is listed as a short sale foreclosure, and has no posting of tenants. We thought the property was vacant. As usually they have it on the listing. From the information on the listing it appeared to be bank owned. If that is true usually the bank does retain tenants usually they are given rent control compensation . If the property is not in the owners name technically your paying rent to the wrong person. Just double check for your own assurance.

From the posting it says it was listed as as 1 bed 1 bath 672 sq ft. From the first viewing of the property we knew that that there is a discrepancy between county records and actual construction. In our experience it usually means non permitted construction. He was discussing of putting a driveway up to the house. Since the existing work is appears to be non permitted its is illegal to do new permitted construction with out fixing existing code violations. That was the illegal I was referring to. we are not absolutely sure but in our experience its comment.

We had to interest in your stones. Regardless of what your neighborhood is like please don't try to project your stereotypes on everyone as thieves or taggers.

The home is beautiful but we are not thieves and do apologize if you feel as if your privacy was violated. We did not know it was occupied.

We did not enter the property but did look in.

As to the conversation we had there was no profanity used so please don't use assumptions when dealing with a company's reputation. If ur sure he cursed a complaint would be deserved but we can assure you non was used.

As he did inform you a property that is foreclosed on can not be discriminatly sold to a member of the debtors family. It is sold publicly and real estate rigging is illegal. As u first stated he's selling it to his family which if was not foreclosed on would be perfectly in his rights. But since it has gone through the process and is up for public bid. We knew right away that that could not be true. Another common practice is mis information or lying. We once again do apologize for u believing that any of us were belligerent. When an individual talks about unethical real estate practices its a touchy subject. We have been victims of real estate fraud and its is neither pretty nor just.

We lastly do apologize if you fell your privacy was violated but we did not curse, intend to steal, and for your own security check the records and find out for yourself

Sky Construction

86386dbc, 2011-03-17, 09:54AM CDT

She is right to be upset. We have a gated property and with good reason. Just around the corner and 1/2 a block up, an elderly person was bludgeoned over the head and murdered in their own home the month we moved in was very scary. Kids sit on the sidewalk at night here and smoke joints, people park their SUVs and hang out here. I encounter people nightly loitering in front of our house. There's new graffitti all the time. When someone is standing in front of your house and you hear them talking about illegally cutting up your retaining wall it's alarming. You can email with excuses for your behavior all you want, but if you come to our house again, Mr. Martinez, we will call the police.

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