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Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 11:58pm CDT by c0aa45e6

Product: Toy

Company: DD's discounts

Location: 1322 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA, 95129, US

Category: Other

I purchased the "Spiderman Skate set"on 3/6/11. On 3/16/11, at around 8:30pm, I went to the store for returning. I had original receipt to prove the purchase. The cashier checked the price sticker and refused to return my money but only the store credit because the price tag number not matched. I have no idea how and why the tag number not matched. She asked my ID and I showed it to her but she was still not willing to return the cash. I asked for the manager and hope the manger can tell me what's going one. Her name is SASHA. She looked and also refused to return the cash. I asked who put on the wrong price ticker. She said NOT HER. I said must be someone in your store. You are manager you should be responsible for the mistake. She argued she does not make mistake. She can't return the cash. One other guy next to her in the store grabbed the item and checked out the item and found another price sticker on the side of the item and it has the correct tag number to match the receipt. I can't believe the "manager" did not check it before argue with the customer and also refused to express any apology to the unhappy customer after the unnecessary argument made. The store is not organized and no quality control as well as no customer services. I can't believe they made mistakes to put TWO price tags on the item and tried to transfer the responsibility to the customer without regret and apology.


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