Ford Motor Company - ABS/RSC Ford Brakes Sensor Failures

Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 11:02am CDT by 5ee1f195

Product: 2008 Ford E-350 12 Passenger Van

Company: Ford Motor Company

Location: DEARBORN, MI, US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

The following letter of complaint was sent by me via Certified Mail with a Return Reciept request from Ford Motor Company. Their indifference and complacency in this matter is prompting me to request that others with the same problem contact Ford Motor Company and register a complaint. I am doing this because Ford Dealer Service Representatives told me this problem would occur repeatedly and of Ford Motor Company's unwillingness to resolve the situation.

February 25, 2011

Ford Motor Company

Customer Relationship Center

P.O. Box 6248

Dearborn, MI 48126

Dear Metro District Supervisor,

This letter is in regards to Case # 1114320509.

I purchased my 2008 Ford Van on November 21, 2008 with 22,336 miles on it. This is my fifth Ford van since 1983 (1983, 1992, 1997, 2006, 2008). None of my Ford vans had electrical problems until the 2008 van. I have had as much as 383,000 miles on a van with nothing more than normal routine maintenance repairs

At 24906/25782 miles the rear wheel sensors were replaced under warranty.

Enclosed is a copy of the service repair invoice. There was no cost to me. I asked the service representative at Bob Thibodeau Ford if this was an unusual problem considering the low mileage. He said they were seeing problems with these sensors. The repairs if paid for would have been


I now have between 66,000-69,000 miles on my 2008 van. Sometime in

December 2010 or early January 2011my Service ABS Icon and Tire Track Icons came on with incessant beeping. It can

come on when I first start up then stop shortly after. It can come on when I am driving and intermittently stop and start over and over again. I can be driving for a while, change lanes, go slightly up or down an incline in the road , or just be sitting at a light and the whole beeping process starts and stops again. Sometimes when I am driving and the beeping and icon signals start I will get a pulsation in speed. The problem is getting worse and very aggravating. During the last year on a few isolated situations prior to December I would get a pulsation when applying the brakes as if I were on snow or ice. No warning lights came on prior to this happening.

Obviously, the sensors are a problem. Since I am over the 36,000 mile

warranty and over a 12,000 repair Warranty, I asked a friend of mine who was at one time a dealer service manager and very familiar with Ford

products if I could disconnect the wheel sensors. He said not to do this. They are integrated with the vehicle

computer and this could cause other problems if I had the sensors disconnected. He said the sensors usually never fail but often the wire contacts get corroded and send wrong signals to the computer. He said the contact wires could be cleaned but the cost of doing this was almost as expensive as replacing the sensors. He suggested I call a Ford Dealer or Ford Motor Company to see if there was a recall on the sensors or what could be done to avoid an expensive repair.

I called Crest Ford in Centerline, MI who had purchased Bob Thibodeau Ford. I explained the history of my problem. I was told it would cost $80.00 for a diagnosis plus labor and parts. I was told they would contact Ford to see if Ford would give some relief in the repair. If Ford would not assist I would be responsible for the whole repair.

I then called Ford Customer relations on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 and

spoke to Denise about 10:40 AM. She was very polite and after checking the issue out said there was nothing she could do.

Before deciding to go ahead with a repair at a Ford dealer or with an

independent mechanic I went to a second Ford Dealership and spoke with the service manager. He was very courteous and took the time to see if there were any recalls or updates to the sensors by Ford. There were none. I asked if this problem would occur again. He said since there was no update the problem would occur again. I had already suspected this. It would cost $98.00/Hr. to diagnose the problem plus parts and labor for any repair. He said it could possibly be as simple as a loose wire to the contacts but this could not be determined until a diagnosis was made. His estimate was approximately $350 if both sensors needed replacement.

I decided to call Ford Customer Relations again on Friday, February 25,

2011 at 4:30 PM. I spoke with Kareem a very courteous man who reviewed my

problem and assigned me a case #. He said there was nothing he or a supervisor

P. 1 of 2

P. 2 of 2

could do to absorb the cost of my repair. He transferred me to a supervisor at my request. I told Kareem I would tell the supervisor the same thing I was telling him if Ford Motor Company would not absorb the cost of my repair. The supervisor I spoke with was Chris. He reviewed my case and said there was nothing he could do until I had a diagnosis on the problem. I asked if Ford would pay for the diagnosis if it turned out to be a repeat repair problem. He said no. I then informed him of the steps I was reluctantly about to take. He said what good would that do. I tried to explain the negatives to Ford Motor Company of my pending actions. He not very humbly said go ahead. He was not discourteous but not accommodating.

My pending actions are listed below. Hopefully, with your cooperation I

will not have to pursue them all.

SINCE I have been a loyal Ford Van customer for 28 years with no history of complaints AND:

1. Had a low mileage repair of the problem in this case and was told at that time by Thibodeau Ford there were known problems with the sensors with other vehicles.

2. The problem has occurred again within a relatively short mileage span.

3. A Ford Service Manager researched and found no updates on the sensors and stated the problem would occur again.

4. The sensors are in an area where it seems logical that a corrosive problem could exist.

5. I suspect Ford Motor Company has a wider spread of this sensor problem with other Ford customers.

6. I do not want to pay for this repair especially when I am told this will be a repeating problem.

IF Ford Motor Company will not absorb the cost of a diagnosis and repair of the problem I am having I will:

A. Send Ford Customer Relations a registered letter describing my problem and intentions if resolution is not made. This is done with this letter.

B. List a website complaint with the Federal Government including this letter.

C. List a general website complaint describing this problem.

D. Pursue legal recourse if necessary.

ACTIONS B, C, and D will be pursued if no resolution is agreed to between

Ford Motor Company and myself by end of March 12, 2011.

Respectfully Submitted,


Southfield, MI 48076


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d9c5bd18, 2011-05-13, 01:25PM CDT

We are dealing the with exact same issue. We purchased 2008 Ford E-350 with 25,000 miles. In the winter of 2009, the incessant beeping started. We only had the manufacture warranty and the mileage was just over 36, 000, We ended up paying $200.00 to repair the bad sensor. Then, in the winter of 2010,

teh same thing happened. So, I called to see if the repair was under warranty, and they informed me, there were four sensors, so it might be another sensor. My husband is laid off, so we didnt have the money to spend on it and still don't, and it is still beeping. You can imagine how it is driving us crazy. What is the status of your complaint and what should I do to help this defect get a recall.

5743fcf7, 2011-06-18, 08:53PM CDT

Your not alone,I also have a 2008 Ford E350 with the same problem, I had mine in for service several times in the last year at Roy O'Brian Ford for the RSC,each time they replaced the rear sensors and now it needs to go back for the same thing and it's now out of warranty by 3 months with around 36,000 on it,also my gas cap and (TPMS) lights wont turn off? (60lbs frt.80lbs rear)I hope they warranty it.

Rob, 2012-09-17, 07:51AM CDT

Just started having the problem over the weekend. Drove my 2006 E-350 93000 miles, with a trailer in tow in the daylight. Arrived at my destination with no problems(48 miles). On the way home, as soon as I turned out of the parking lot, about the time I hit 35 mph, the RSC started kicking in. Turned off RSC button, but that had no effect. No driving in the dark, each time it kicked in, the headlights would dim and the van pulled to the right. Stopped twice within 10 miles. Each time the ABS kicked in. I'm driving on Flat, Dry roads. The ABS had no reason to kick in. When I hit the Interstate, RSC was kicking in more. Pulled over. Turned off the vehicle and restarted. Turned off RSC. Backed up a couple times, incase it was a stuck brake. (no smell of a hot brake-just did it anyway) Proceeded home with no other problems. Turned on RSC about 20 miles later with no problems.

My mechanic said it could have been the Anti Sway Bar on the trailer, but i've never had this problem before and other time hauling.

When the RSC started kicking in without reason, it was more dangerous and hard to hold control of the vehicle.

Robert Allyn L., 2012-09-17, 12:20PM CDT

Have any of you reported your concerns to ?

If you are all having the same problem at low mileage it would probabl help the Government to know.

88bb3c7c, 2013-05-07, 08:02AM CDT

I have same problem with the Service RSC with my Mercury MOuntaineer as know as Ford Explower...2008. I had been replace rear and front left speed sensor already, but its doesn't help at all. I support your complained about it too. Ford is suck I will never buy it agian when'er I got my car fix. don't take it to dealer or auto shop they don't even which side or what problem its cause the RSC Sercvice..they only take a guess too. measurement all 4 sensor if its still working then must be the medule or else. sorry I haven't fix my car yet so I don't have a answer yet.......

62ec1c27, 2013-07-05, 09:00PM CDT

I have the same issue going on right now with my 2006 Ford E350 van. Has 120k miles. ABS light comes on, RSC Service shows up and Traction Control turns off. Not sure what to think. I recently was experiencing some issues getting the vehicle started; battery checked out good but my alternator had a bad diode so I replaced it. I was hoping that may have been the issue with the ABS, TC, etc. but apparently not as the beeping, blinking fiasco just happen again the other night during a short trip.

93291e13, 2013-07-26, 12:33AM CDT

I have a small fleet of 2006 and 2009 Ford E-350 vans. This problem has occurred with a few of my vans, but the repair costs are ultimately low enough to just send in and replace the sensors. I write it off as being a typical Ford, the only manufacturer who circles the mistake right on the front of the vehicle.

Chris H., 2014-05-28, 11:34AM CDT

I have 2008 E350 15 Passenger and only the RSC alarm is going off and no ABS light, etc. When I called several local Ford dealerships in Louisville, KY none of them had heard of the problem or the parts to solve it. What resolution have any of you received?

Rob, 2014-05-28, 01:42PM CDT

It could be a couple of things. The RSC sensor could need replacing ($600 for part) and/or a speed sensor at one of the rear tires ($150 for part). Either way, it sucks to have to repair these things sooo early. My first alarm went off at just over 100k miles. the next went at 120k. The every 5 minute alarm will drive you batty, if you ignore it.

4af27628, 2014-08-10, 04:35PM CDT


I have 2006 E350 15 Passenger and only the RSC alarm is going off and no ABS light.

When I called several local Ford dealerships none of them had heard of the problem or the parts to solve it. What resolution have any of you received?

Samuel K., 2014-09-04, 02:14PM CDT

I have a 2006 E350 XLT with the same exact problem, RSC alarm (no ABS)

5743fcf7, 2014-09-30, 03:42PM CDT

The last time my 2008 e350 was at the dealer under warranty they disconnected the RSC to solve the problem.

be900405, 2014-11-15, 08:58AM CST

I have the same issue. Being told 800.00+ to repair. This is ridiculous!!

Robert D., 2014-12-28, 07:28PM CST

I also have the same issue, 2006 E350 rsc superduty. when I start driving the dash tripometer says service rsc now. when I break hard its goes off. or pulling a trailer it doesnt come on at all, With the code reader B1288 pressure transducer main/primary input circuit failure. Did anybody come up with a solution

Robert D., 2014-12-28, 07:24PM CST

I also have the same issue, 2006 E350 rsc superduty. when I start driving the dash tripometer says service rsc now. when I break hard its goes off. or pulling a trailer it doesnt come on at all, With the code reader B1288 pressure transducer main/primary input circuit failure. Did anybody come up with a solution

Robert D., 2014-12-28, 07:31PM CST

I also have the same issue, 2006 E350 rsc superduty. when I start driving the dash tripometer says service rsc now. when I break hard its goes off. or pulling a trailer it doesnt come on at all, With the code reader B1288 pressure transducer main/primary input circuit failure. Did anybody come up with a solution. my email address is [email protected]

12dd5abb, 2015-01-09, 06:57PM CST

I have this issue now too.2008 e350 15 passenger van.i am about to spend 1500 for a new abs module.the ford dealership is not even 100% sure this will solve the problem?it's very frustrating and no one seems to know what to do to solve ?the technician "thinks" this should solve be interested to hear from anyone else who has had this issue and a successful resolution.

Kathy P., 2015-05-03, 06:30PM CDT

I am disabled & have a 2010 Ford Explorer. I'm at almost 75,000 miles & have recently gotten the error msg "Check Brake System" & " Service RSC now". It happened awhile back & would come on when I would go over a big bump. The guy at Goodyear said it may just be the brake fluid level sensor thing stuck, but if it keeps happening, I would have to have some thingy replaced. (I can't remember what the thingy was). So, lately, without any bumps or anything this dang alarm keeps going off. The guy @ Goodyear hooked up his computer thing to my truck while the error message was going off & he said he didn't feel comfortable doing it & I need to get are it to Ford dealer. So, I have an appt tomorrow to drop it off. I am praying that it is covered with my extended warranty.

Kuerno D., 2015-07-20, 12:02PM CDT

2007 E350 15 passenger Van also dealing with this issue (RSC Service Now + Brake indicator). I was reluctant to buy a Ford and now kind of wish I had not. It just seems ridiculous they install an alarm to hold you hostage to 500-1500 bucks worth of sensor repairs.

It seems to me like it might be slightly temperature related as I get the alarm more often on cool damp days and rarely goes off at all in the summer.

So far the only thing that helps is to crank the radio up loud as it tends to cover up the annoyance.

Thanks Ford!

276527dd, 2015-07-31, 07:40PM CDT

My 08 ford explorer has the alarm and all the lights on for the RSC control. it has 107,000 miles on it. Why do you have to have the annoying alarm? I was always a fan of Ford. but I have had so many issues with this vehicle when it gets fixed I'm trading it off.

Eric V., 2015-09-08, 05:48PM CDT

We are having the same problems with our 2008 Ford Explorer XLT. We have just over 75000 miles on it and the ABS, Traction control, and Wrench lights come on right after or during the Service RSC message flashes. I took it to a Jim Click Ford in Green Valley, AZ and their diagnostic fee is $310 and I'm being told that it is a speed sensor which will cost $400+ parts and labor on top of the diagnostics and that they're not sure that that is the only problem and won't know until they get it in and run the diagnostics again.

12dd5abb, 2015-09-08, 09:01PM CDT

I posted above about this happening with my e350 2008 van.I did indeed end up replacing the abs module.It cost 1000 thru the ford solved the issue,but sure was a terrible thing to have happen on a van with under 80000 miles.what was worse,going into the repair,they couldn't guarantee it would solve the issue!and I found out there are TWO expensive computer modules and they wouldn't know if the first would solve the issue until they put it in.there was a chance it was the 2nd more expensive one!well,I was thankful to walk out only spending $1000,as it could have been $3500,but overall a ridiculous experience.enough to where I will never buy this type of van again.they legally cannot just shut it off as it turns off your abs brakes!and when you're driving a big vehicle,you don't want to be without your abs!i sure was hoping it was just a speed sensor,but as it turned out,it was not to be.a speed sensor is much much cheaper than a whole new module.overall,a terrible experience.

Benion sr, 2016-01-07, 12:37PM CST

I have a 2006 15 passenger econoline van and I have read most of the above complaints but I have not read a potential solution. All I want to do is silence the alarm. Does anyone (outside of paying hundreds of dollars) know how to do this?



Tom P., 2016-02-03, 11:45AM CST

We have a 2010 Merc. Mountaineer that is doing this, only our brakes come on when you try to drive it. We barely got it off the road and it needed towed. We paid approx. $312 to get it replaced. Picked up our Mountaineer yesterday and today it did it again! I'm ready to rip the thing apart to make it stop. Not happy, Ford!

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