Ford Motor Company - ABS/RSC Ford Brake Sensor Problems

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Product: Ford E-350 12 Passenger Van

Company: Ford Motor Company

Location: Ford Motor Company Customer Relations Center P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, Mi, 48126, US

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Regarding Ford Motor Company ABS/RSC Brake Sensors:

The following letter of complaint was sent by me via Certified Mail with

a Return

Reciept request from Ford Motor Company. Their indifference and complacency

in this matter is prompting me to request that others with the same problem


Ford Motor Company and register a complaint. I am doing this because Ford


Service Representatives told me this problem would occur repeatedly and of Ford


Company's unwillingness to resolve the situation.

February 25, 2011

Ford Motor Company

Customer Relationship Center

P.O. Box 6248

Dearborn, MI 48126

Dear Metro District Supervisor,

This letter is in regards to Case # 1114320509.

I purchased my 2008 Ford Van on November 21, 2008 with 22,336 miles on it.

This is my fifth Ford

van since 1983 (1983, 1992, 1997, 2006, 2008). None of my Ford vans had

electrical problems until the 2008 van. I have had as much as 383,000 miles on

a van with nothing more than normal routine maintenance repairs

At 24906/25782 miles the rear wheel sensors were replaced under warranty.

Enclosed is a copy of the

service repair invoice. There was no cost to me. I asked the service

representative at Bob Thibodeau Ford if

this was an unusual problem considering the low mileage. He said they were

seeing problems with these sensors. The repairs if paid for would have been


I now have between 66,000-69,000 miles on my 2008 van. Sometime in

December 2010 or

early January 2011my Service ABS Icon and Tire Track Icons came on with

incessant beeping. It can

come on when I first start up then stop shortly after. It can come on when I am

driving and intermittently

stop and start over and over again. I can be driving for a while, change lanes,

go slightly up or down an incline

in the road , or just be sitting at a light and the whole beeping process starts

and stops again. Sometimes when I am driving and the beeping and icon signals

start I will get a pulsation in speed. The problem is getting worse and very

aggravating. During the last year on a few isolated situations prior to December

I would get a pulsation when applying the brakes as if I were on snow or ice. No

warning lights came on prior to this


Obviously, the sensors are a problem. Since I am over the 36,000 mile

warranty and over a 12,000 repair

Warranty, I asked a friend of mine who was at one time a dealer service manager

and very familiar with Ford

products if I could disconnect the wheel sensors. He said not to do this. They

are integrated with the vehicle

computer and this could cause other problems if I had the sensors disconnected.

He said the sensors usually never fail but often the wire contacts get corroded

and send wrong signals to the computer. He said the contact wires could be

cleaned but the cost of doing this was almost as expensive as replacing the

sensors. He suggested I call a Ford Dealer or Ford Motor Company to see if there

was a recall on the sensors or what could be done to avoid an expensive repair.

I called Crest Ford in Centerline, MI who had purchased Bob Thibodeau Ford.

I explained the history of my

problem. I was told it would cost $80.00 for a diagnosis plus labor and parts. I

was told they would contact Ford to see if Ford would give some relief in the

repair. If Ford would not assist I would be responsible for the whole repair.

I then called Ford Customer relations on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 and

spoke to Denise about 10:40 AM. She was very polite and after checking the issue

out said there was nothing she could do.

Before deciding to go ahead with a repair at a Ford dealer or with an

independent mechanic I went to a second Ford Dealership and spoke with the

service manager. He was very courteous and took the time to see if there were

any recalls or updates to the sensors by Ford. There were none. I asked if this

problem would occur again. He said since there was no update the problem would

occur again. I had already suspected this. It would cost $98.00/Hr. to diagnose

the problem plus parts and labor for any repair. He said it could possibly be as

simple as a loose wire to the contacts but this could not be determined until a

diagnosis was made. His estimate was approximately $350 if both sensors needed


I decided to call Ford Customer Relations again on Friday, February 25,

2011 at 4:30 PM. I spoke with Kareem a very courteous man who reviewed my

problem and assigned me a case #. He said there was nothing he or a supervisor

P. 1 of 2

P. 2 of 2

could do to absorb the cost of my repair. He transferred me to a supervisor at

my request. I told Kareem I would tell the supervisor the same thing I was

telling him if Ford Motor Company would not absorb the cost of my repair. The

supervisor I spoke with was Chris. He reviewed my case and said there was

nothing he could do until I had a diagnosis on the problem. I asked if Ford

would pay for the diagnosis if it turned out to be a repeat repair problem. He

said no. I then informed him of the steps I was reluctantly about to take. He

said what good would that do. I tried to explain the negatives to Ford Motor

Company of my pending actions. He not very humbly said go ahead. He was not

discourteous but not accommodating.

My pending actions are listed below. Hopefully, with your cooperation I

will not have to pursue them all.

SINCE I have been a loyal Ford Van customer for 28 years with no history of

complaints AND:

1. Had a low mileage repair of the problem in this case and was told at that

time by Thibodeau Ford there were

known problems with the sensors with other vehicles.

2. The problem has occurred again within a relatively short mileage span.

3. A Ford Service Manager researched and found no updates on the sensors and

stated the problem would

occur again.

4. The sensors are in an area where it seems logical that a corrosive problem

could exist.

5. I suspect Ford Motor Company has a wider spread of this sensor problem with

other Ford customers.

6. I do not want to pay for this repair especially when I am told this will be a

repeating problem.

IF Ford Motor Company will not absorb the cost of a diagnosis and repair of

the problem I am having

I will:

A. Send Ford Customer Relations a registered letter describing my problem and

intentions if resolution is not

made. This is done with this letter.

B. List a website complaint with the Federal Government including this letter.

C. List a general website complaint describing this problem.

D. Pursue legal recourse if necessary.

ACTIONS B, C, and D will be pursued if no resolution is agreed to between

Ford Motor Company

and myself by end of March 12, 2011.


Respectfully Submitted,



Allen G. Metry

19575 Eldridge LN

Southfield, MI 48076

Cell# xxx-xxx-xxxx


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