Phoenix Financial Limited - Loan and escrow fraud

Posted on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 at 5:03pm CDT by 78139813

Company: Phoenix Financial Limited

Location: Goodyear, Phoenix, Ar, US


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Phoenix Financial Limited, PFL, (Grand Cayman Islands), USA, Arizona, Goodyear, Enrique Wendell Venegas Iglesias & partner and/or advisor (AKA Antoine) Tony Habib, Brazil, Sao Paulo offer loans where the conditions change after contracts are signed. Concordcapitalonline, USA, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Hal Smith, takes on the role of consulting, advising, moderating & funding as well, but most of all is acting as the ignorant broker.

In 2010 Companies in the US and Europe are signing up for favorable loans with PFL i.e. US $ 5 M. Conditions are i.e. 5 years term to 6% interest. Then contractual escrow deposit of US $ 400K needs to be paid by the company into a British escrow agent account. US $ 400K is used to initiate a line of credit for PFL to develop the loan amount. Deposit and Loan is backed up by a bill of exchange i.e. US $ 7 M, according to funding contract issued by a reputable British bank, which is held by the UK escrow agent for 180 days until funding.

However, after deposit of US $ 400K into escrow account companies realize that the bill of exchange is issued by First Finance, Beirut, Lebanon an investment consulting firm. PFL claims everything is alright because loan will be paid out within the contractual 90 days. However, things are about to change drastically. Byblos bank, Beirut, Lebanon as the back up bank for the bill of exchange seems not to know anything about PFL and First Finance Ralph Sayad. Now, PFL additionally is demanding CPA letter of opinion (not contractual) from companies in order to back up the funding contract. Letter of opinion is delivered to PFL and is of course rejected by Tony Habib as the adviser of PFL. PFL is coming up with a new plan to participate in companies as JV partner.

Contractual 90 days & 180 days pass by and funding is not happening based on new unforeseen events by new venture attempts of PFL. Last but not least bill of exchange is declared Null & Void by PFL and First Finance after 180 days..PFL claims companies are in default based on new non-contractual conditions and are no longer entitled for funding..and so on and on and on?.

Between 2010 and 2011 at least three companies have lost over US $ 1.2 M in deposits plus accumulated costs and no funding ever happened?...and wont for sure. Companies deposits disappeared in dubious Asian and African Phoenix Financial Limited ventures.

The American Enrique Iglesias, age 69, has a criminal record dated back in 2005, convicted in New York of bank fraud, fined & paroled for 3 years, Tony Habib, age 56, a native Lebanese was convicted in New York of insurance fraud and money laundering back in 1995, was sentenced to 52 months in prison and has a long history of fraudulent activities until today. Tony Habib (different companies) resides at Rua Iguatimi 236, Sao Paulo, Brazil Tel: US 337-453-1304 and is playing hide and seek but holds all strings in his hands. It seems he is the mastermind behind all the above.

Former bankers Enrique Iglesias & Tony Habib are well acquainted since 20 years and are good friends with Farhad Bakthiar another fraud artist, but that's another story..

Companies if you are looking for serious funding and hear these names run for your lives.


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