Radio Shack - Damaged Polar wrist receiver

Posted on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 at 12:25pm CDT by 16ffefc8

Product: polar heart rate monitor/m51/polar transmitter band

Company: Radio Shack

Location: 4252 Mormon Coulee Road, WI 54601
La Crosse,, WI, 54601, US


Category: Other

Around 12:00 p.m. Entire unit and manual were taken to the "store manager" (forgot his name)to replace battery of product. He was looking around as a "real customer" came in. He open the back of the receiver which had 4 tiny screws while taking a phone call. THESE ARE VERY TINY SCREWS AND HE MADE NO ATTEMPT TO TAKE THEM STRAIGHT OUT BUT FROM AN ANGLE WITH THE SCREWDRIVER as to strip them. He had the wrist receiver face down and scrathed it. A professional would have set down the phone down to do this correctly but he didn't. He stated he could see the battery number, but didn't know how to get it out but went to retrieve a new one. He decided to shake the battery unit out and pieces along with battery fell out onto his counter. He had the wrist receiver face down and scratched it. Still on phone he tour apart with is his one free hand to get new battery. It went in and before he tried to place back of battery holder on witnessed that the recevier did work BUT he said it only works when you hold it it. Duh, Sorry but lets try and put unit together. He didn't know how as he had not taken any precauctions on how to replace what he had shaken out. There was any extra part left that looked like a bent looking 7 shaped spring that appeared to hold the unit tight. He said he didn't know where the part came from or where it went and said he couldn't help me. he never attemped to properly finish the job finding the place for the 7 part or of covering the battery with it's mount. He did even try to bother to place screws back. Not sure he even said sorry. I left the store sick to my stomach. Irealize you don't see those types of fitness products at your store at this time. But I would expect that a moderate amount of money equal to a replacemet with satisfy me. You have a sign outside the store looking for hellp. Please take the tiime to hire quality people. I have been there many times for other things as I felt then that RADIO SHACK did know something compared to Walmart down the street. I was wrong. He was wrong.


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