Hoffmann Moving - Worst moving experience

Posted on Monday, March 14th, 2011 at 5:50am CDT by dac2e4a9

Product: Moving company

Company: Hoffmann Moving

Location: Orlando, FL, US

URL: http://www.uhaul/movers/

Category: Other

This moving company was the worst! The twoovers damaged walls in my brand newly built house, and also left dirty finger prints all over my walls. They broke an electric plate upstairs, never told me. When I say it and questioned them while they where sell here they conceded. I asked "so you wasn't going to tell me you damaged my plate" and I got the dear in the head lights look. After the move I received a survey by email to give feed back on my move and rate the company. Mediately after I sent int 2 Star rating, someone from the company started calling and harrowing me by phone and by text messages (this is at 9;30 at night). The nasty text messages continued the next day. Their harassment was so bad that I had to call emovers.com and report the harassment. So instead of taking the constructive feedback and making his company better, the guy posts a response to my feedback and says "you must have the wrong company". Wow, are you serious? I have my bill of sale for your bad service. I could have gotten better service off Craigslist.


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