Hungry Jacks Hallam - Hungry Jacks Refund Issues

Posted on Sunday, March 13th, 2011 at 12:31am CST by 610db1b2

Product: Stunner Meal

Company: Hungry Jacks Hallam

Location: Hallam, Vi, AU

Category: Other

I was absolutely appalled by the behaviour of staff members at Hungry Jacks Hallam Victoria. I ordered a stunner meal, paid for the order and was told to wait in the parking bay. After about 5 minutes the order came out minus the sundae. When I queried about the sundae I was told the sundae machine was broken. I then asked for my money back. The worker went inside. A minute later a different worker came out to explain that the machine was being cleaned (a different excuse!) and if I wanted to wait another 5 minutes I could have the sundae. I again said 'Can I please have my money back?' They took the meal back. Then to our astonishment the manager came out and asked if we were waiting for a stunner meal. Again I said our money back. All we wanted was our money back - they could not provide us with our order. At this point, after seeing several different workers we moved the car out of the parking bay and into the drive way lane and again asked for our money back. She returned inside and then came out with two male people (not in hungry jacks uniform!) to intimidate us. He started saying we would like to chat and we again said we do not need an explanation we would just like our money back. He continued trying to explain, this time telling us they were vandalised last night and the pipes were broken (a third different explanation!). Eventually after over 15 minutes of waiting we eventually got our money back!! To top it all off, when we went to submit a complaint on their website, the form doesn't even work.


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