MAC Cosmetics - MAC Cosmetics Lash Curler Trimmed Off My Eyelashes

Posted on Thursday, March 10th, 2011 at 2:41am CST by 44d1f81f

Product: Eyelash Curler

Company: MAC Cosmetics

Location: HK


Category: Other

I bought a MAC lash curler in their London shop, and the curler is deficit. My middle section (around 7mm)of my eyelashes was trimmed by the MAC curler.

I was shocked and really want to cry.


Since the curler is just a small amount, I did not keep the reciept. The curler was tested in TWO MAC retail stores and both of their shop manager proved it is deficit. (IT DAMAGED ITS USER EYELASHES!!!) I personally located in Hong Kong, and MAC HK said they can do nothing with it even though their curler has tested it is deficit in two of their stores if I cannot present the reciept. From the tests in their stores, we proved the middle section of the curler is like a cutter, and will trim off even fade eyelashes.

It took me around six monthes for my eyelashes to grow back. (Luckily it does grow back) When MAC HK asked me what can they help me, I asked for: 1)12 pairs fade lashes and 2)total refund OR exchange the product. I think I am very generous with this issue, since I know I did not keep the reciept.

MAC Hong Kong said they can offer me 2 pair of lashes and the eyelash kit ONLY. And this is their appreciation on my support, which is not at all a compensation or refund. Also they remind me to keep the reciept next time.

They even give me a deadline to settle this case. (NO refund or exchange of their deficit product)

For instance, if a car of BrandX 's brake deficit cause damage to their customer and their customer cannot present the reciept, BrandX is still responsible for their customer's damage. If a BrandY 's television cause an explosion, and their customer cannot present the reciept, BrandY is still responsible for their customer's damage.

Of course I cannot accept this unreasonable settlement. This is very serious problem regarding to their product safety.

The fact is that I suffered for 6 monthes without the whole middle section of my eyelashes, because I choose to buy MAC Cosmetic 's product.

I communicate with HK MAC through e-mails about this issue for FOUR monthes. They refuse to give me the contact person from the MAC headquater and they stop replying my last FIVE e-mails when I asked them if they report this case to their headquater.

I am very disappointed with their attitude as a global cosmetic company.

If anyone interested to see the photo of my lashes damaged by their curler, I am more happy to pass it to everyone.

They understand it is their product deficit, but refuse to take responsibility. What kind of company is this? Can You trust this company and put their product on your face?


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