BullyXtreme - BullyXtreme4 Terrible Product

Posted on Thursday, March 10th, 2011 at 12:57pm CST by a0a3a661

Product: BullyXtreme4

Company: BullyXtreme

Location: 2795 Spruce Street, Suite 2, Union Jersey 07095 Nationwide U.S.A.
Union, Ne, 07095, US

URL: http://www.bullyxtreme.net/

Category: Other

BullyXtreme4 is a terrible product. I ordered one and when it arrived it was piece of junk. The spring tension was weak. The product was unusable. So I contacted the company and got a refund. But I asked the company what the problem was, and they refused to provide an answer. I asked to speak to their leader, a Mr. Frank Sherril, but was denied this by their customer service guy, Robert Jones, who is apparently the only person working at this company. He confirmed that the product was defective. He was glad that I notified them. Apparently, they have no quality assurance of their products. But after over three months, I still got no information from this company. They did say that the manufacturer of the product is in Asia. This leads me to believe that this company is nothing more than a distributor of Chinese exercise equipment as they have no control over the manufacture of the product. Stay away from BullyXtreme and buy from a reputable American company that manufactures here in the U.S.


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