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Posted on Thursday, March 10th, 2011 at 10:47am CST by ae0802f7

Product: e-training for real estate license renewal

Company: 360training.com

Location: 13801 Burnett #100
Austin, TX, 78727-1208, US

URL: http://360training.com/

Category: Other

I purchased e-training for continuing education to renew my CA real estate broker license. The format of the e-training was terrible. It is suppose to be for 45 hours, but the format will require at least double that due to having to wait for each screen to load on the computer screen. The quizzes were not synchronized with the lessons. For some reason after starting the lessons, the quizzes given were for material that had not been covered yet; the program requires a 70% passing score to proceed to the next lesson. However, since the quiz was for a lesson not yet covered, it made it difficult to pass with a 70% passing score. The company didn't seem to believe me when I informed them of the problem. I asked for a refund after experiencing problems with the program, but was told a refund was only possible w/i 72 hours notice/7 day request after the purchase (8 days had passed since my purchase). Nowhere on their website or on my receipt does it indicate there is a 72 hour notice/7 day request requirement to obtain a refund. Their website only states 100% customer satisfaction refund policy.

I finally had to purchase on-line training with a different company.

360training.com would not waiver on their refund denial even when I informed them that I didn't start experiencing problems with their e-training until after their "hidden" refund policy period had passed.


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