Locus telecommunications, Inc - Be Extremely Weary of Locus TeleCommunications, Inc.

Posted on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 at 5:00pm CST by bef62a57

Product: Mobile Phones

Company: Locus telecommunications, Inc

Location: 2200 Fletcher Ave 6th floor Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Fort lee, Ne, 07024, US


Category: Other

This is a note to ANYONE comtemplating purchasing any of Locus Communications, Inc. Callplus Wireless, H20 Now Wireless, ecallplus or any of a number of Web sites funneling to consumer to what has to be the absolute worst customer service/ client service/ client care representatives on this planet. You will read their blurb "A world class, multi-lingual Customer Care call center supported by courteous, live, Customer Care representatives and 24-hour automated customer assistance". Don't you believe it. What I indicated to them waswith all their customer/client care boasts, YOU WILL SPEND AN EXTREME AMOUNT OF TIME, BASICALLY YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THE GRAVEYARD. When you begin to access their Web Sites the only thing that they do well is sell you their phones and they can activate their Starter Kits. Ask them to do anything else and you will be dealing with the 'Cats and Jamer Kids' engaging in their capers. This is the low of the low. INCOMPETENCE is the watchword here.

What takes other telecommunications organizations to accomlish re: the portability of you telephone number and initializing a Sim Card. Mind you this was there Sim Card and in-house account.

Imagine if I had asked them to do something really complicated. What takes others 2hrs., outside of a fresh starter kit, will take them at least 48 business hours or a minimum of a week and a half. Needless to say I returned

THEIR product and either sold or dumped wwhatever remained relating to that bringing up the rear concern.

Be Appraised


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