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Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 at 12:47am CDT by 27523063

Product: Accounting

Company: CB Professionals

Location: Denver, Co, US

URL: http://cbprofessionals.com/

Category: Other

This elderly unprofessional woman claims to be a Quickbooks expert but can't wait to come in your business and build her gossip portfolio. She tore apart a family business of 30+ years with her false accusations against family members. Steer clear of CB Professionals for your accounting needs!

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a65a41c8, 2011-06-28, 12:02PM CDT

As the owner of CB Professionals, I felt the need to reply in regards to the complaint aired on the internet.

The company mentioned and this complaint filed by the Owners sister, who failed to do her job. Which Im sure after careful consideration; the Brother/Owner was left no choice but to end her employment.

Unfortunately, any company or accountant/bookkeeper hired for this position would be in the same position my company is in at this time.

Its a sad time when business and family cant work things out, but to scrutinize the internet with unethical comments is appalling.

The elderly is not at fault, as the time will come when we all reach that age! Therefore please consider this source of anger, disrespect, and unethical behavior that is being displayed in a unprofessional manner.

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