Verizon Fios - Verizon Fios switching tricks

Posted on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 at 10:59am CDT by 2a9fecd9

Company: Verizon Fios

Location: US

Category: Other

- I was offered 400 USD gift card to switch from DirectTV to Fios.

- I had to follow with three different numbers and bringing different agents on a conf call

- They acknowledged that it was a mistake and should have been 200 USD since I already was a Verizon customer and did not qualify for 400 USD

- Never received 200 USD either and after following up several times I am told that my autopay did not work for one month when they were going to ship my gift card and the shipment was cancelled

- I don't understand the connection but even I don't have any past due balance right now they refuse to send it because I lost my chance.


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