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Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2011 at 12:45pm CDT by 4c40c2e5


Company: Empire Towing

Location: Wilmington, NC
Wilmington, NC, 28401, US

Category: Other

After work one night on my way home the transmission in my car went out. I called empire towing to come pick it up and take it to the shop. Upon arrival the tow truck driver put his boom through my radiator. He stated to me that this was his first screw up in 20 years. He called his boss who said they would fix it after the transmission was serviced. About 2 weeks later the shop calls me to come get my car and Empire picks it up and takes it to there shop. Two days later they call me to come get it. When I do the car wont start. The owner tried to jump me but it wouldn't work. (Later he told me that he knew it wouldn't start because the other folks cracked my head) so I asked him why he spent an hour trying to help us start it. They put there boom through my radiator, over heated my car which messed up the engine and refused to fix it. Later I found out they never even fixed the radiator. There company without my approval towed the car back to the shop and tried to charge me for it. They messed up my car and did nothing about it. I should have filed a police report right then but I didn't. So now I am stuck with a car that will not run and the company that tore it up refuses to fix it even after they said they would.


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