USPS - Shipments lostsince 18/04/2011

Posted on Sunday, June 5th, 2011 at 4:30pm CDT by 68dc754b

Product: USPS Express mail

Company: USPS

Location: CA 95822, AC, 95822, US


Category: Other

Dear Sir / Madam,

Im writing to you after I got frustrated, helpless and lost, I have sent to all emails found on the internet, just wishing I receive some attention to my complaint.

Please note that I used USPS Express Mail International service Insured on the 18/04/2011, it was the biggest mistake of my life, as I have other less costly services from DHL, however USPS staff said paying more will make ensure delivary in 2-5 days.

The shipments, were expensive, Important as it was a birthday gift for my wife and URGENT also the birthday was on the 27/Apr.

USPS lost my items(TWOSHIPMENTs) for sure stolen by someone inside USPS, as two shipments cannot be lost.

After dozens of calls, emails, complaints & even speaking to USPS rude managers, and after more than one & a half months I stand helpless, have nothing but to email you.


Also note that the shipments are pertaining to me, however I authorized MR Moin to send them on my behalf.


- CP90 8213 709U S

- CP90 8213 978U S

Thanks & regards

Arif Khalifa

MOB. +973 36339968


26298627, 2013-02-25, 02:30PM CST

Been over and over with them and they think i'm crazy and they treat you like crap at the post office. They won't scan your click and ship package at the post office it policy not to provide it.

So, with that in mind to get your money back just go to print out a label and insure it for the lost amount and never drop anything off at the post office wait a couple of days and file a claims with them. What they claim its policy not to scan it at the counter.

26298627, 2013-02-25, 02:36PM CST

Oh it seems that your package was insured, but just file a claim its been more than 6 months I just checked. Are they going to tell you no, if its lost they have too. They can't tell you it wasn't packaged correctly and simply put it's lost and more than 6 months. CLAIM and if it's not enough just do what I mention in my prior message. They are ridiculous and I could careless of how many jobs are lost or if they go under. They Specifically state they are not employees of the US government, but want a bail out too with all their problems. They need to cut employee wages and retirement plans, to many morons now working there.

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