Buy Premium Tech - Buy Premium Tech is Rip Off

Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2011 at 4:39pm CDT by 993ef5bc

Product: Online Download site

Company: Buy Premium Tech

Location: rrendadora de Servicios Telematicos S.A. P.H. Balboa Point 101 Oficina No. 7-A Ciudad de Panama Rep. de Panama +507 225-931


Category: Internet Services

The company is a rip off. They are supposed to be download site pretending to be legitimate. They lure you in with trial membership and then slap you with unnecessary charges. The software that shows up during search does not even exists. The customer service sucks and you can never get to them If/When you do get lucky, the guy (yes, only one guy) will refuse to help you with anything and he will give you run around. This is huge SCAM and this company is ripping off hundreds of innocent consumers. Please Be AWARE of their deceptive business practice and DO NOT get SCAMMED!!


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adc48f76, 2011-07-04, 08:22AM CDT

I had the same experience with Buy Premium Tech. Their site came up when I was looking for a linguistics text on Friday. I opted for the 3-day $1.99 trial, then was confronted with the complexity of actually getting what they had advertised - downloading u-torrent, reading their complicated instructions, trying to locate the file, and decided to cancel. This was not as straightforward as paying though. However, after I emailed them I got email confirmation of cancellation then they billed me an additional charge of 1.99 + 4.99 (for what?). I still can't open the file and am still waiting to hear what the extra charges were for. So easy to join, so difficult to leave - BEWARE. Avoid like the plague and have nothing to do with them.

53786771, 2011-07-13, 04:52AM CDT

Had the same experience, I thought I was downloading a book but found myself involved with this shower of fraudsters. Did not acknowledge my immediate cancellation (within 50 minutes) and no correspondence has been responded to. End of the month money had been taken.

2cf49c3d, 2011-08-16, 08:44PM CDT

Just found this site and thread after just losing ~$75. Confirmation email said nothing about a need to cancel before trial finished. I thought I was paying $2. Website was very misleading. Support sucks. After three days of emails getting nowhere, I still do not have a confirmation my membership has been cancelled. Nothing worked during the trial period so I gave up thinking 2 dollars was worth taking a risk for. Looks like I'm not the only one scammed by this. If they do not want to refund my money, I'm happy to post my experience all over the web for the next year to save other people losing their money

ad95f4ac, 2012-06-27, 04:37AM CDT

This is absolutely true.. They charged my credit card with 2 years fees and after that the software for download doesnt work at all. I am really repenting on my decision to subscribe for the free trial.. please beware of these people...

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