Infogain - Infogain is a thief employer

Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 at 1:35am CDT by dc7cab77

Product: IT Company

Company: Infogain

Location: A-16, Sector 60, Noida Gautam Budh Nagar, 201301 (U.P.) India
Noida, UP, 201301, IN


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They are thieves, and cheats with employees.

They hired me to build a complex facebook application which one of their big client was seeking. I has good experience in building complex and custom FB apps and they selected me on a good salary. They were offering me really high amount so I skipped rest of the offers I had in my hand. I also signed a bond of 2 years with them as I had all intention to work with the company for a considerable time.

Everything went smooth for a couple of months when the app was being built. I had to meet deadlines and in order to prove myself I worked 13-14 hours a day. After a couple of months when the development was completed and the project was in testing phase, they stopped my salary. When I asked the reason they told that there is some issue related to taxation and all. They continue to give me one and other reasons for a month and I didn't got the salary. After 45-50 days of working without salary I realized that the project is finished and I didn't had any work in hand. They didn't have more projects for FB apps. Later that week I got a termination letter.

Its over past 3 months and I have not received the salary for my work of last 60 days, that meas 2 months.

This company is a thief and I would suggest not to join it even if you are dying to get a job.

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newmarshal d., 2013-12-11, 12:28PM CST

Yes, I had same experience with Infogain. They are big cheats, please beware of Infogain. At the time of interview they will tell you that we have big clients like Apple and you will directly work with Apple while truth is that they do not have any good work to do at all, they just have very less or negligible task to do for Apple they just showcase Apple as a client. So please never join Infogain.

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