Guy & Company AVEDA Concept Salon - Damaged hair and improper installation of hair extensions

Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 at 3:11pm CDT by Nichole J.

Product: Cinderella Hair Extensions

Company: Guy & Company AVEDA Concept Salon

Location: 4328 Central Ave. Suite L
Hot Springs, Ar, 71913, US


Category: Other

Sara Golden, hair dresser from Guy & Company was not licensed nor did she have to knowledge to install permanent hair extensions in my hair and did so leading me to believe she was taught and had the experience. She charged me $750 for 4 packages of cinderella hair extensions and spent 5 hours installing them and they all fell out within 48 hours. She refused to correct the or fix the extensions or refund my money. When she put the extensions in she cut them all short so I can't reuse them now. She will not tell me the type or stlye she used and will not reorder them for me an not cost.


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b48e94cd, 2011-07-07, 09:42PM CDT

This is all a Lie!!!!!!! You knew as a friend that i had never done them and i charged you $530 for hair and charged you half off to put them in your hair... I spent over 15 hours total putting them back in your hair..You knew this was my first time and I did everything I could to try to make you happy!!! I gave you $50 towards my small refund that we agreed on me giving you $100 back and after the fact you took $1030 back on your credit card that was from color, a Keratin treatment, and the hair extensions that you still have.... You are committing credit fraud!!!!! You are also trying to ruin my business.. WEll It wont happen.. look who this is coming from.. someone who plead guilty to mortage fraud.. nicole jones!!!!!!

b43d3796, 2011-07-08, 03:17PM CDT

Well I can certainly say that Nicole knew that Sarah did not have a license for this but she did it anyway. So I would say that Sarah did not lead Nicole to believe anything different. There are several falsehoods in this compaint! I was there when Sarah was redoing the extensions. Another falsehood on Nicoles part! And how can they be short when they were alot longer than you own hair! You have the extensions so why should she give you more free?

4f43d8c5, 2011-07-08, 04:24PM CDT

Sarah is a wonderful stylist and has done my hair MANY times. She is very knowledgeable and I trust her instinct at all times. She has done color, up dos, everything for me and i would not EVER go anywhere else.

f3b12036, 2012-04-11, 12:41PM CDT

Nichole Jones is a con! I am SURE Sara Golden is an amazing hair dresser! Nichole Jones has mortgage fraud, and has LOST custody of ALL THREE of her children due to drinking and driving with them in the car and narcotic use! Do NOT believe a word this woman says! She is a fitness trainer in hot springs who is a liar and a fraud!

8f537512, 2012-04-11, 01:03PM CDT

Nichole is a person I have known for a long time. She is a liar and a manipulator. She is ONLY interested in what's best for HER and her body. She lost custody of all 3 of her kids and she also has a permanent record with Arkansas DHS for child endangerment. She will go to any length to get what she wants and she will run over anyone who gets in her way. Dont let this report fool you. Nichole has a HORRIBLE reputation in Hot Springs and that's why all the members of her gym left. Sara, dont worry about a thing. Nichole's reputation precedes her. Everyone in HS knows who she is (or has heard of her) and knows what kind of person she is. Just chalk it up as a learning experience and move on. You'll be fine :)

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