Beushausen Pools - Pool Installer Stole my deposit

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 7:39am CDT by afe1cce0

Product: Swimming Pool Installation

Company: Beushausen Pools

Location: Lockport, IL, 60441, US

URL: http://www.swimming

Category: Other

I gave Beushausen a deposit of $1,000 towards my pool installation. beushausen never installed my pool, they kept pushing back the installation date, I gave the deposit on May 16th and I have never even seen the installer again. I had another company install my pool based on the advice of Norbert Pools, where I bought the pool, and now I want my $1,000 deposit back. I have called, and emailed repeatedly and the only response i received was I was threatened that if another installer came and installed my pool that I would lose my 50% $1,000 deposit. I just want my money back as Beushausen never provided the contractual installation I gave a deposit for.


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4aa2315b, 2011-06-28, 09:48AM CDT

The customer in this complaint is Salvatore Campagna, and we have been in complete communication with them every step of the way. They gave us a deposit for an 18' new installation of a pool. Upon receiving the deposit, we gave them an installation date when work would be done. Unfortunately, due to constant rain this entire spring season, all installation dates kept being pushed back, including the Capagna date.

The customer was unhappy with being pushed back due to the weather, and decided to cancel the installation. We informed them that any deposit that was given will be forfeited if they cancel, which has been our policy for over 12 years. All customers are informed of this policy BEFORE giving their deposit. But although we do not give deposits back (for obvious reasons), we have a policy in place whereby the customer does not lose their deposit entirely, but instead is given CREDIT towards swimming pool work done by our company. This customer currently has $1,000 worth of "BP Dollars" to be used towards pool cleaning, maintenance, vacuuming, pool openings, closing, and any other swimming pool work that they would need. This credit has no expiration date, and is available until it is used by the customer.

Beushausen Pools does not "steal" deposits. We have been in business for over 12 years, and we strive for excellence in this industry, this is why we developed this "BP Dollars" policy for customers that may find it necessary to cancel their job for one reason or another.

This customer is welcome to contact us at ANY time to redeem the credit that they have with our company.

Our phone number is: 815-306-4070

b72260ca, 2011-09-06, 08:45PM CDT

I had this Beushausen pool installer's and they were extremely professional and polite. And they did a nice job. Palos Hills- J.Wetzig. Sept 6th 2011

6e6f5ec5, 2012-05-30, 11:47PM CDT

This guy is right these morons derwin and bill are complete crooks...buyer beware of this scam company

c5c455fa, 2012-07-13, 12:46PM CDT

This deposit was refunded IN FULL directly to the customer in June of 2011 after going back and forth with the customer and Norberts Pools store. The owner of Norberts Pools, along with the manager, as well as the customer, are all fully aware that this deposit was returned IN FULL. Again, Beushausen Pools does not keep deposits for work that has not been completed.

If anybody has any questions about this case, please contact us or Norberts Pools for further information. Our company, along with Norberts Pools, has a copy of the refund check that was issued to this customer.

8d4060e0, 2012-09-18, 11:40AM CDT

I'm with you guys! These guys are horriable! I would have sued them but they have so many tax liens on them it would have been pointless. Bill seamed ok. Derwin? What a f*ck'n jag! Do NOT do buisness with these guys! I am in shock still that Norbert pools uses these guys!

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