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Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 5:38pm CDT by 1ffe8ed9

Product: Big Mac

Company: McDonalds

Location: 1691 monument blvd
concord, ca, 94520, US


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Today I was charged $1.00 for a little extra sauce on a Big Mac - what a ripoff. Sauce is supposed to be part of the Big Mac (remember the song?). Recently McDonalds has been incredibly skimpy on this ingredient - I guess it was to prepare us for the coming ripoff. The "extra sauce" was less than they used to put on a regular Big Mac. BTW, they didn't credit me back for the "no onions".

I started going to McDonald's as a child and took my children there while they were growing up. But today is the last day I go to a McDonalds and I will try and convince my children and grandchildren (and everyone at church, work, etc.) that McDonald is no place for our family.

Their greed has exceeded our need.


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ce971c8c, 2012-01-25, 01:24PM CST

I agree!

Last night I went to a MCD in FORT ATKINSON WI and they wanted to charge me .50 cents for onion on my McChicken!!!

Im not going anymore either..and really, they want to charge us for extra and when we take items off they dotn credit us back the .50 cents or $1.00 back!

fce0564d, 2012-08-11, 12:22AM CDT

I work at McD's, and each Franchise is different, ours charges 15-30 cents for extra sauce depending on the sauce ( mac, tarter, mayo ). And 25 cents for dipping sauces. I don't see why people complain, you can't expect to get more for nothing, should the franchise owner take a food loss just because you want extra? If it really just kills you, then there are ways around it. At ours we do not charge for added sauce from the squirt bottles, such as ranch, honey mustard, chipolte, and butter. If you want extra you can say "I want the sauce on the side", we have cups in the back that we use for this when we get an order on the screen. Technically you only paid for 1 squirt of sauce (2 for a big mac ) but the cups hold about 2 squirts of mayo, 3 tartar, and 4 mac, and we usually fill them up. If you want to add mayo or want extra mayo, you can also get packets of it, we do not charge for packets! I don't know why this is though. We don't charge for reconstituted onions, or slivered onions, but we do charge 50 cents for red onions, which area premium onions that are sliced whole and actually in rings, they go on angus burgers and are really good. It costs the franchise more, so they have to charge for them if you want extra or added. We don't charge for pickles or mustard and ketchup either. We do charge for lettuce, tomatoes and cheese ( 30 cents for cheese ) though, these things do cost the franchise more money. Than other things.

In the case above, the person probably wanted red onions rings, if they would have picked white slivered onions then they would have been free.

$1.00 more for sauce is a rip off, and you need to call the store franchise owner and talk to them, that is insane, we charge 25 cents for mac sauce. But no, they can't skimp on the sauce, we use calibrated caulking guns, that dispense a certain ounce of sauce. If the gun runs out, and the employee was too lazy to change it, they might have just squeezed really hard and gotten a little out of it, and sent the sandwich up and THEN changed the gun after.

6427d25e, 2015-07-15, 11:08AM CDT

Come to NY. They slather it on.

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