Liberty Mutual Insurance - Liberty Mutual Insurance, Liars & Dishonest

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 5:22pm CDT by becdfe7e

Product: Insurance

Company: Liberty Mutual Insurance

Location: 100 Liberty Way
Dover, NH, 03821-7500, US


Category: Other

This company is unscrupulous, liars, bullies and cheats! Had a tree split and fall in the front yard. First level after reporting said they would cover the loss due to the remainder of the tree presenting a real danger to falling into the house. Second level of management modified that to say they would only cover the downed portion of the tree and if we didn't want to do that they would close the claim. After lieing and circling the wagons they then changed their response to not covering anything and threatning us that if we knowingly left the standing portion of the remaining up and it eventually fell on our house, even years later they wouldn't pay because we knew about it. The story is really involved and the bottom line is the company supports liars, and intemadating practices and will openly cheat you if they get the chance! Had they told us it was not a covered expense from the beginning we would have accepted that and never said a word. We are taking all out business elsewhere and we highly recommend you never do business with this company or if you do BE WARE they will screw you if they get a chance.


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