The Shopping Channel - Very dissatisfied with the Shopping Channel

Posted on Monday, June 27th, 2011 at 7:32pm CDT by 732c44de

Company: The Shopping Channel

Location: Toronto, On, CA

Category: Other

The Shopping Channel used to be a good place to shop. Now they are too big for their own good to do a good job. With the postal strike, they farmed out their delivery to Purolator. I have spent 3 days waiting for delivery the first time Purolator claimed to have attempted delivery the first time, since I got an email from the Shopping Channel that they shipped my products I checked to see when was the delivery date so I could be home so I was home and there was no attempt of delivery. Then I called Purolator and they rescheduled the delivery for the next day, which was Thursday. The same thing happened on Thursday no delivery again, I stayed home all day.

I called the Shopping Channel and after a long conversation and then a long wait while the customer representative spoke to the help desk came back and stated that they made arrangement with Purolator and I will be getting my parcels on Monday. Well you guessed nothing came on Monday. I received a phone call from Purolator and they said I should go and pick up my packages at their depot which is at the other end of the city. I called the Shopping Channel to tell them that once again I was home all day and what Purolator wanted me to do which I was not going to do. I dont drive and it would cost me $40.00 one-way to get my parcels. I told the Shopping Channel that these items I ordered were gifts and I had to get something else on the weekend to replace the items I ordered. They told me that just forget Purolator and when they get the parcels back they will credit me for the products, which means that the Shopping Channel has my money Purolator has my products and I have nothing. I will not order anything from the Shopping Channel again and I hope anyone that reads this will think twice before they order anything from them.


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