Ranch at Ridgeview Apartments - The Connor Group SUCKS!

Posted on Monday, June 27th, 2011 at 2:22pm CDT by e682dff9

Product: Ranch at Ridgeview Apartment Complex

Company: Ranch at Ridgeview Apartments

Location: 2901 Ridgeview Drive Plano
PLANO, TX, 75025, US

URL: http://www.ranchatridgeviewapts.com/default.aspx

Category: Real Estate

I have lived in these apartments for 8 months and the past 3 months have been miserable. New tennants moved in under me...they smoke pot and it filters into my apartment...they slam their doors at odd hours and wake up my two year old son..they play their rap music as loud as possible from 8am-9:55am (the front office opens at 10am).

I have complained every single day there has been an issue. The office says "our hands are tied" so I got the cops involved. They were called out twice in the past 4 days for noise and drugs. The complex still says they can't do anything because no one has gotten arrested or a ticket!!!

Today these tennants came to my door and wanted to talk. After explaining the situation to them one of the tennants got in my face. I visited the office with my concerns for my safety and my son's safety. They said I could move to a different apartment but I would have to pay $500, re-sign a new lease, and my rent would go up!!!!! Not to mention the apartment would not be ready until AUGUST!!! After 3 months of complaints, being verbally attacked, and dealing with DRUGS the complex has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT RENT HERE, DO NOT LET ANYONE YOU KNOW EVEN GET CLOSE TO THESE APARTMENTS!!!! They only look at you like a paycheck, they only care about their friends, and the manager is NON-EXISTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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