staples - computer damage

Posted on Sunday, June 26th, 2011 at 12:46am CDT by 3c699197

Product: sony all in one computer

Company: staples

Location: napa, ca, 094558, US


Category: Other

I brought my computer to Staples to eradicate a virus from my computer.For some reason a surge protector was not connected to the computer. The computer was damaged.We were also told the carrier who took the computer to the site where it was tobe fixed further damaged the computer We spent over $2000.00 on the computer at Sony store in October 2008 . A Staples representative said we had only 440 gigybytes of had drive in the computer. My son thought there was 2 terrybytes. When we contacted Sony,they said records show there was one terrybyte, We told Staples what was in the computer. They continued to try and offer us a 500 gigybyte machine. I called the corporate office of complaints. They have stated they will reslove the issue with a compatible computer. They offered to put a one gigybyte hard drive in the machine at the napa store. I know that Sony will disavow the warranty as soon as a non Sony part is in the computer installed by a non Sony technician. I also do not trust the napa technicians. I have asked for a compatable computer that does not require adding hard drive space. Tthe corporate complaint office says they will resolve the issue. I seem to be the one who seems to have to keep calling them to ask for help in resolving the matter,I also paid money up front to fix the computer. They say they will give my money back. I have not been forwarded any proof of this claim. I am looking for suggestions on what to do


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