Rogers Communications - Rogers Communications: Failer to stop service, when asked.

Posted on Sunday, June 26th, 2011 at 11:42am CDT by 8a770a2f

Product: High speed Internet service

Company: Rogers Communications

Location: Whitby, On, CA


Category: Other

I was a Rogers Communications High speed internet customer for about a year. When I decided one day I would call Rogers and stop my High speed internet service. I called them and told the customer representative just that. I said "I would like to cancel my internet service". Then the unthinkable happened. He said "You can`t cancel your service until you pay your bill." I was shocked! I released that I was a month late which I had full intent on paying by the way. And then I also realized. This situation put me in a bad situation. Because I could not pay the bill the following billing cycle. So what happened was each month the bill grew more and more because I did not have enough to pay and If I could not stop my internet services like the costumer service representative said Than how am I suppose to pay my bill with out my bill growing more and more each month. My bill grew 5 or 6 fold months until rogers decided on their own they would not like to bill me any more. So my bill is now 250 dollars. It would have been around 85 had my service been stopped when I asked them to. I did not even use the service for the 5 or 6 extra months. It really dose piss me off..


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