southwest airlines - southwest airlines early bird boarding

Posted on Friday, June 24th, 2011 at 2:39pm CDT by dfdd6866

Company: southwest airlines

Location: US

Category: Airlines

Early boarding is a sham and just a revenue generator for southwest airlines. I purchased round trip tickets in NOV. for a flight in june. ( seven months in advance) I purchased early boarding in NOV. I was given a B6 boarding pass. I checked with others on line for boarding and found that people ( several) in FRONT of us purchased their early boarding last week. I found out from southwest that those who buy the cheaper tickets get placed in line behind those who bought more expensive tickets. So if you buy a fare sale do not waste your money and purchase early boarding as it will give you little benefit. By the way their new and improved rapid rewards program is only an improvement if they never had a program. It now takes about twice as many flights as it did previously to earn a free flight.


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