Perfect Meatloaf - Perfect Meatloaf TV Ad

Posted on Friday, June 24th, 2011 at 1:16pm CDT by c06b22f2

Product: Perfect Meatloaf Pan

Company: Perfect Meatloaf

Location: P.O.Box 3179
Wallingford, CT, 06494, US


Category: Other

They offer a 2 for 1 plus a couple other bonuses. After placing the order they go on and on about other things they want to sell you. This is all done through an automated voice that takes all your information. At the end they now tell you you will be enrolled in some program and supposedly cancel at anytime BUT YOU CANNOT SAY NO TO THIS AUTOMATED MENU SO YOU ARE ENROLLED WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT. I tried to call back to their Customer Service number listed above and they tell me I have to wait 4 hours before they can bring it up to cancel. WHAT A RIPOFF.


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4ea66dc1, 2011-07-28, 03:11PM CDT

No, you were not scammed or over charged. You just did not follow directions or pay attention when ordering. You're asked how many "buy one get one free" sets you would like. You entered two because you were not paying attention. Entering two gives you TWO complete sets. You were not scammed. You just don't know how to follow directions. Pay closer attention next time.

bb07c469, 2011-10-20, 05:12PM CDT

I accidently ordered two sets. May I send the second set back for a refund. It was hard to follow concise directions on a phone automated system. Thanks for your consideration.

c596df43, 2011-12-14, 02:10PM CST

You are absolutely right. It appears that the objective of the automated system is to confuse you with options. At the end of it you have no way of confirming what you have agreed to and how much it is going to cost. The 2 for 1 is a rip-off because they come all the way from China prepackaged with 2 of everything in the box. There is no extra handling for the second one and I have to assume that the $7.95 covers the shipping for both units. It would not be any cheaper if you only wanted 1. I would up getting 6 units (3 packages) for a total cost of $178.00 instead of around $30.00.

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