Davison - Fraud, Deception, taking advantage and money

Posted on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at 7:43am CDT by 6a8fa861

Product: INvention Land

Company: Davison

Location: 595 Alpha Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Pittsburgh, PA, 15238, US

URL: http://Davison.com/

Category: Other

I am writing about Davison and Invention Land based in Pittsburgh (585 Alpha Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15238). Davison has taken over $10,000.00 from me and claim they have done nothing wrong but I have been robbed. I have also been lied to, falsely misled, and pressured into signing an agreement with lies.

When Davison submitted my product concept to me in drawing form, I was very concerned that it did not reflect my concept at all. Davison does say that the final product may not look like what the person originally thought it would. I understand that, but the whole concept was different. I was given a drawing of a manual product and my concept was for it to be automatic. When I expressed my concerns to 2 of the coaches, I was told that this is to just get us in the door with a major company then they would present the automatic idea. I made 8 phone calls before I signed to make sure this was true. I did not feel comfortable with signing it, but was assured that my automatic concept would be really what is being presented.

I signed it under their pressure to trust them and that they needed this manual version to get a foot in the door with the company to market it. It was rejected. When I talked to Mr Vescio he claimed it was my concept. After a long conversation he admitted it was not my concept at all and he would give me a new start and they would go back to the drawing board, so to speak, and give me a new drawing of my automatic concept. It has now been 6 months and I have heard nothing.

I sent a letter giving them a chance to admit that this is not a possible product to make my concept a reality. In the letter I told them I would be happy to cancel the whole thing and requested 65% refund. I thought this was fair since it allowed them to keep 35% ($3,500.00) for their work even though it was not my concept and was filled with lies and deception. I gave a June 14 deadline and told Davison that if I dont hear from them by that date I would contact you and some other complaint organizations.

Lastly I am a priest and I am appalled that they would lie to me with no moral objection and steal money from a minister by using lies and deceptions.

Do not use Davison for any ideas you may have.


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