Oceania cruise Lines - Oceania kicks us off cruise before we sail

Posted on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 at 5:26pm CDT by bc404fdc

Product: Oceania Cruises Nautica

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I would like to inform you of how Oceania cruises treats its customers. We had booked two cruises on Oceania. After the first one, we wrote a letter of complaint about several issues.

We had three complaints that I sent in. The first was that there was a three hour wait for dinner in the main dining room. This occurred three or four nights on a twelve night cruise and we did not eat in the main dining room every evening.

The next was the lack of entertainment on a holiday cruise. They had three entertainers and that was it. There were no ship entertainers as part of the crew.

The last and most serious was that on the pool deck where I was sitting a fan blade flew off of a fan and hit the chair next to mine. Luckily no one was injured. On further examination of the fan there were only three blades after the blade flew off. All of the other working fans had five. They had obviously had a problem with this fan before and had not repaired it. I have pictures of this.

They never responded to my letter. My travel agent called and someone by the name of Carlos Ortega finally called and was downright rude when he responded. He said we do not belong on Oceania cruises and should not go on the Asian cruise. I told him we wanted to go and give Oceania a second chance. This prompted my second letter and them throwing us off the ship. My travel agent was aware of all this correspondence and supported it. However when the trouble happened with Oceania he said he could not do anything about it.

I had invited my daughter in law on this second cruise. She took three weeks off from work .We were both excited about this Asian cruise

I am sending you this video link that was taped in Florida and put on a local news program. It is about the Oceania incident. If you would like to see the correspondence between Oceania and myself, including their e mail sent to me I would be happy to forward it



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