Bedford Cheese Shop - Bedford Cheese Shop and P&H Soda Co Complaints - Sells Out of Date - Soda Syrup

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Product: P&H Soda Syrups Co

Company: Bedford Cheese Shop

Location: 229 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211
Brooklyn, NY, 11211, US


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Bedford Cheese Shop for $58.00

My wife wanted a soda treat, but the trick was on her.

The syrup was stale, rancid, and disgusting.

Bedford Cheese Shop refused a refund and said to call the manufacture pnh soda and syrup.

Spoke to the owner Anton Nocito a condescending wise ass, said he didn't sell us the soda and we should take it up with Bedford Cheese Shop.

This fly by night operator, who lacks a 4 year college degree sells defective syrup products load with sugar concentration and intestinal bacteria.

read this review from a doctor that lab tested the pnh soda and syrup;

I'm surprise Martha Stweart lent her name to this product. But what do you expect from an ex con.

I lost my money, and my wife and I suffered 3 days of the runs!

Be safe and smart; stay away from until they are FDA approved and inspected.

Thank you,

Anthony Tizzi

[email protected]


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were the the NYC Bd of Health?

Sleeping at the switch?

a1e45244, 2011-07-12, 08:10PM CDT

Dear Anthony Tizzi, Judith Weigel, Rivernos, Roger Whitlock, Mica, Sandra Pools, Judith676 or whatever name youre choosing to go by this week,

I would like to respond to all of your accusations with proof so that its clear that you are simply slandering me under various names, on multiple websites:

To start with, we are not a ghost company as you have stated. We are licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Markets and do hold a 20-C license that currently hangs on the wall of the commercial kitchen that we work out of. The address is:

1053 Manhattan Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11222.

You are more then welcome to stop by and see the license any time Im there.

You can actually see me working in the space in the following video here:

If you watch the video youll see me speak about how I think soda should be a treat, not something you drink everyday. You will also see that I use natural ingredients. Nothing is artificial or hidden.

Our soda syrups are also tested and approved by the NECFE at Cornell University in Geneva, NY.

You claimed that we do not list our address anywhere but if you had purchased a bottle of our soda syrup you would see that it is clearly printed on the label, right next to our ingredients. This is a requirement by the government before we sell any products to our consumers. You can see it by clicking the following link:

You claim that we are a fly-by-night, transient street vendor. We do sell at various local markets. We are insured and licensed to do so. The market that we frequent the most is New Amsterdam Market. Hardly what any New Yorker would consider transient.

This market is dedicated to preserving some of New Yorks history. We sell at this market with the hopes of helping it become a permanent year around market like the ones in San Francisco or London. We also do these markets because it helps promote our brand, a brand that I stand behind fully.

P&H Soda Co. has developed a following over the past year and a half. Do you think the following publications would or any other accredited publication would write someone up that was considered a ghost or fake?:

New York Times:

Martha Stewart:

Time Out New York:

New York Magazine:

Wall Street Journal:

You are correct about me not graduating from college. I chose to go into the Air Force instead. During that time I fought in our first Gulf War. I was honorably discharged after 4 years of service. I then went into butchering for 6 year and attended The French Culinary Institute graduating on 4-13-99. Im sure if you contact the school you will be able to find out that I graduated in the top of my class.


New York Campus 888.324.2433

Im glad you found a copy of my resume online. You linked to it in some of your comments. If youll notice, I worked for some of the top restaurateurs and chefs in NY. Google the restaurants and you will see that some are three star restaurants. Your screen snap of my resume accidentally cut off the education portion so Ive linked to the actual website here:

I did hold a number of positions, some of them at the same time. They were all a learning experience. Had I just worked at one place for ten years I would not have been able to learn everything I learned.

I would like to thank you for following myself and my company P&H Soda Co. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Anton Nocito


P&H Soda Co.

[email protected]

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