Prejudiced and passive-aggressive

Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2011 at 2:49am CDT by b89e0b76

Product: Lanny Self

Company: Not Available

Location: Dallas, TX, US

Category: Other

I had the very unfortunate and dismal experience of getting to know Lanny Self for a brief time. Shockingly, he actually has 20 plus years of managerial experience in Dallas, Texas. I was very shocked to know that info because he came across as a corpulent waste of space in my dreary experiences with him.

In my experience with him he came across as very prejudiced and rude. He kept using rude and biased insinuations to make me feel stupid; also, he used mixed messages to frustrate me even when he did not know me well enough. This indicates to me that he has some problems with prejudice, bias, and making proper decisions without impeding onto another's precious time: I believe that bad attitude of his interferes with his ability to make the correct decisions. After a single conversation with him I was already irritated by his unprofessional and passive-aggressive blithering, blathering, and whining about unimportant, frivolous, trivial, and petty issues. He comes across as a corpulent whiner more than a confident manager.

He wasted my precious time with his yammering and doublespeak. He needs to learn how to conduct himself in a professional manner that is invested in not wasting anyone's precious time and not misleading those in vulnerable situations with passive-aggressive doublespeak, prejudicial biases, and irritatingly insecure mixed messages.

My advice includes for him to stop being a prejudiced bump on a log: try being honest, organized, and well-prepared with everyone who he comes into contact with. Do not waste people's time who you already know you do not like. Do not use rude and prejudiced insinuations and passive-aggressive blithering and mixed messages. Most people do not have time for ill-prepared and passive-aggressive bumps on a log.

I will not go into too much detail because I want this to be anonymous. But he came across as a snobbishly arrogant waste of space. He is rather corpulent, rotund, and stumpy; therefore, he has no business being so judgmental, prejudiced, and difficult to me. If anyone has problems with him there is always EEOC. Discrimination is not permitted in the USA.


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