Gateway Travel - Gateway Travel IS Seagull Travel and BAD NEWS

Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2011 at 2:54pm CDT by 41a13955

Product: travel/hospitality

Company: Gateway Travel

Location: P.O. Box 33304
Phoenix, AZ, 85067, US


Category: Other

Steve Steer is CEO of Gateway Travel, and has lost his BBB accreditation of Seagull Travel for so many complaints against his former company (Seagull Travel)so he changed the name to Gateway Travel to cover it up. It is the SAME address, many of the same employees, same phone numbers: 602-633-8000; 602-889-6840;or Steve's cell phone - 623-521-7999 - and trust me you may need that if you do business with this company because they are a total scam! They provide the servicing for the travel certificates you get if you sit thru the Welk Resorts presentation and win a vacation - BEWARE it may not be worth the effort if you have to deal with these jerks! Why Welk Resorts would let their reputation fall on these folks is beyond me? Your travel dates - forget it, you get your last choice. Itinerary, good luck if you ever get it before 3-4 days before departure!! And check it for correct name spelling - they get it wrong often! You may have to Call Welk Resorts to have them take action to get things cleared up - call 760-481-7778 to talk to the right person! They were supposed to send us our certificate 1-4 weeks ahead of time - well now it is 3-4 days and we still don't have it. Welk Resorts is now trying to play mediator - Gateway Travel is a joke and has been as non-responsive as possible to every effort I have made over the past year to get them to respond. I've made over 15 phone calls to find out details about the trip - I get voice mails, or "oh yes we'll e-mail that right out", or "its on its way" , to just no reply at all -- all of it is lies! They are a big fat SCAM! Check out the long list of complaints about them on here under Seagull Travel or Steve Steer - incredible stuff! I would stay away and if you get the certificate from Welk Resort - tell them you want some other gift, because you won't do business with Gateway Travel!!


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b920e688, 2011-07-26, 06:41PM CDT

I am in the exact same situation, just happened on July 12, 2011, my travel date. They just ruined our vacation.

67e950e7, 2011-08-04, 11:08AM CDT

Did Welk do anything in their mediation in your case? I called the number you listed, and left a message.

The travel agency's website is now a domain parking page, and the toll free phone number just rings now instead of saying message is full. This does not look good.

Final Update: Called the number again after several days of no response, and someone else got back to me telling me they'll look into it. One day later, they call me back to get my name correct. Finally, I got the cashout option for the disney ticket and my $79 deposit back. This is a lot of work for a "gift", but I'll have to say the Welk number posted in the orignal post is a life-saver.

Updates (8/10): Steve said someone will get back to me on 8/5, the day he called me back. I have not heard anything since.

Updates (8/5): while I am trying to confirm this post, Steve called back and said someone will follow up with me regarding the cashout option they offered me 2 months ago.

e8004b98, 2011-08-11, 06:08PM CDT

I am in the same boat. My travel dates were 6/26-6/27/11. About a week before travel, I received a call from Gateway Travel offering me a cash out option. Today is 8/11/11 and still nothing. I left multiple messages but never heard back. At best, I get put on hold and then disconnected.

b4703c77, 2011-08-17, 08:09AM CDT

[email protected], this is Steve's email after finally getting my hotel booked 2 days before my travel date on the confirmation I found his email. Steven Steer can be reached @ 760-751-3818. I got his number from Welk. Gateway is a headache. I must have called them over 50 times. I was put on hold, hung up and sent to voicemail. Sometimes it just says he box is full. I also sent emails, I was IGNORED.

47dca383, 2011-08-19, 06:22PM CDT

We are in the same position..why the Welk timeshare organization would continue to offer this organization to their prospective buyers, I don't understand. I am going to report them to BBB, and will also write a letter to Welk

41a13955, 2011-09-01, 10:39AM CDT

One other thing I learned after this whole fiasco -- Steve Steer actually "works for Welk Resorts" - so don't even bother wasting your time contacting whatever travel agency name they are scamming people under currently - just hassle Welk Resorts at 760-481-7778 until they correct the situation - when they get enough calls they will eventually fix things.They are the ones with all the money anyway. Be relentless!

af4a4f93, 2011-08-29, 06:20PM CDT

We sat thru a timeshare and got the cruise voucher. After that it went entirely down hill. Welk Resorts should not trust these people to carry the trash out...much less honor complex Travel plans. One day I called and actually got a live person to cheerfully tell me that she just happened to walk by the ringing phone at that moment.....that they always answer the phone hit or miss like that.

6996c9af, 2011-08-31, 07:13PM CDT

I'm having the same problem our trip was June 21st a month prior to our departure date we were asked if we wanted to "cash out" instead of going..I did this because the date which was picked a year in advance happen to fall on my sons graduation of course I took the money option..well today is 8-31-11 nothing no call back no money..I have called and left messages the girl is on the phone or looking my info up..they never get back..hmmmm I will be calling Welk Resort in the morning. thanks for the post please keep me updated thanks.

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