Callpod - Callpod Chargepod defective product

Posted on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 at 10:59am CDT by KEVIN C.

Product: Chargepod by Callpod

Company: Callpod

Location: 850 West Jackson Boulevard Suite 260
Chicago, IL, 60607, US


Category: Other

I purchased 2 chargepod units in 10/2010 and recieved the "Free" adpaters for each as well as purchasing $48 worth of additional adapters. Within a week I had 2 of the adapters that were defective. I paid more money to return the defective adapters for replacement. Then a few months later I had another adapter go bad. I paid more money to send that one back for exchange. Now I have another adapter that went bad. I called CallPod about this and advised them that I was not satisfied with this product as stated on their website "Callpod designs and manufactures quality products and seeks 100% customer satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with any product purchased from Callpod or the shipment arrives damaged, please review this information.

All Callpod products are covered by a limited warranty for 1 year against defective workmanship, which can be found in you user manual and below". They advised me that I would have to return the units to the Verizon store and hopefully get a refund. I ask about the $48 worth of additional adapters that I purchased directly from them, and I was told that they would only offer an exchange, but would not accept and return for refund. I asked her if they were willing to exchange the latest defective adapter at completely no cost to me and they advised "No" that I would have to pay for shipping. I advised her that this is one reason why I was not satisfied with their product. All of my problems and returns are documented with CallPod and they refused to address an obvious continued defect with thier product.


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