Elkgrove Ford - my HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE with ElkGrove Ford

Posted on Sunday, June 19th, 2011 at 8:11pm CDT by e64d3b0d

Product: ElkGrove Ford

Company: Elkgrove Ford

Location: 9645 Auto center Drive

Category: Business, Finances

On 12/23/2010 I had my car towed in because it would not start.They had it for three days and said it was ok alright fixed. I paid them 496 dollars. The car ran for one day about 53 miles to my job. When I came outside to go home the car would not start. Same exact problem as before when I first took it in. They said bring it back in so I did.They had it an additional 2 days and called me up and said you can come and pick up your car. I said is it fixed and all they said was you HAVE to come in and pick up your car.So I went in and the store manager said it might be your fuel pump then he told me my air condictioner was not working.First of all the car had a brand new fuel pump in it. Then he said your rear axel is leaking fluid. I said no because my car had set in my garage for almost 2 months there was no leakage at all. So I looked under the car and saw my rear axle was banged up as though someone had driven the car over a speed bump really fast.I also told him I had just had my air condictioner repaired less than a year eariler because he also said o by the way your a/c does not work .I know for a fact why all these things were happening to my car because I called the breau of automotive repair and they told me that if I had any problems to tell them in a nice way that I would have to call the breau. So when I told the manager that about he breau he got real quiet and thats when all these other problems started.The way they got my car started was to pump some fuel into the injectors on top of the motor. But he had his manchanic put in just enough so my car would run about 3 miles then shut off and thats exactly what happen. I was stuck on the highway for three hours waiting for a tow truck I had to pay for at 65 dollars. You would think that the ford motor company could fix a mustang but they could not I would have paid them just for trying even if they could not fix it but they would rather lie to you and just take your money and be vindictive. I will never ever got to a ford shop again.


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