franklin county family court is a failure for dads

Posted on Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at 9:26am CDT by e68b5098

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Willing father + useless court system + resistant mother = fathers and kids loose! The court and my ex are holding my kids hostage!

8 hour Child custody modification hearing and a 1 word decision. Dismissed! WOW! that was easy! Pathetic!

A total joke and a waste of tax payers money. My ex is in total contempt of court. But the Judge purposely avoided the entire contempt thing! And actually told me not to say the word, I guess that make his job easier! I was trying to get 50/50 residential custody. I had witnesses, my ex had none! All she had to say was "I don't communicate with my ex", cry a little and hand them some emails between us. Would you have decided in my ex's favor based only this! He did! The court had no good reason not to grant joint residential custody. Well, 8 hrs later it was over. A month or two later the decision arrived. My case was dismissed. The judge knew that the mother was uncooperative after she told him she does not communicate with me, and offered no reason why! But the court did not care. Now this fatherless mother is able to spawn her fatherless values to my kids ensuring that they to are fatherless and husband less just like her. The courts have no business in families lives, as they cannot make the best decisions for all families. 8 hrs. of court, lots of explanations from the judge, guiding me so I don't go astray from where he wants me go! No justice for dads. If you have to go here, your in trouble DAD! So what I have is 800.00 plus child support and may not even get to see my daughters because the court does not and cannot care, if kids see their fathers or not! These people need to step down or be removed to save families. my ex moved the day after the hearing to lock in her child support payments and make it more difficult for me to visit and have joint physical custody. Child support is the other destructive force that pushes kids and relationships to the break point. I was trying to end the overly wild child support also. At least I am willing to try! The courts decision has already started to negatively affect my relationship with my kids. Don't waste your money on a lawyer, it won't help at this court. I am suppose to have joint physical custody, REALLY, what a joke, the mother is all about her pocket! Father, what a joke, just give me cash! The court will comply! It is that dumb and simple! You will see, if you have not already! Sure you can spend thousands of dollars, but there is still no guarantee that anything will change. Oh and FYI neither of us had a lawyer. I have no criminal background! So, I don't get it! Guess they did not like how I looked is all I can think! Different! Don't be different, if possible! Where is the justice for the kids. We are not in good hands at the juvenile court. It couldn't be worse. Pat yourselves on the back, another family ruined. Please post your experiences with the courts to help others understanding of what does, and does not work here! an to advocate against oddly contoured, wildly high child support amounts with zero (0) accountability and a useless court process set again men from the start! Local rule is just a bunch of useless papers when it all come down to it! All the court does is take the easiest way out! P.S. Willing father + Useless system! = fathers and kids lose! There needs to be a Forced Mediation process which stops mothers from having the court, cash and kids in her pocket! May God be with you if you have to go here!


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